Ilya Klishin

Putin and the 'Distinct Russian Civilization'

How the Kremlin tries to explain the coronavirus crisis to its people.
Dmitry Trenin

U.S. Withdrawal From Open Skies Bolsters Case for New Strategic Regime

The 50-year-old arms control regime that helped keep the Cold War cold is beyond repair. It's time to start discussing ways of moving toward a new global...
Michele A. Berdy

The Russian Dos of Don'ts

When the command нельзя means don't, and when it means something else entirely.
Mark Galeotti

Putin Withdraws From the Coronavirus Crisis in a Political Abdication

Putin is clearly eager to avoid being identified with the pandemic and the difficult measures being adopted to fight it.
Ilya Shepelin

How Kremlin Propaganda Destroyed Russian Healthcare

Russian physicians are quitting en masse while receiving only empty sympathy from state media.
Dmitry Yakushkin

The True Meaning of Victory Day

Today some shout “We can do it again!” But in those days the motto was “Never again.” A new war was unthinkable.

Michele A. Berdy

Shall We Zoom? I Zoom, Do You?

A very silly update on the language of our new normal in Russia.
Denis Corboy, William Courtney and Kenneth Yalowitz

Covid-19 Crisis Could Spur Post-Soviet Fixes

Five practical steps in the post-Soviet space could improve healthcare and effective governance. 
Tatyana Stanovaya

The Putin Regime Cracks

Vladimir Putin has become increasingly disengaged from routine matters of governing and prefers to delegate most issues.
Vladislav Inozemtsev

Russia's Confused Coronavirus Response

The authorities pretend that they are leading, while the people try to pretend that they are following orders.
Ilya Klishin

Why Showcase the Prime Minister’s Illness on TV?

Russian citizens instinctively expect their leaders to lie to them during crises but the authorities now seem intent on proving that they are not hiding...
Michele A. Berdy

Russian Patience is a Virtue

We start today with a pop quiz about a curious word. Tune in.
Mark Galeotti

Prague Assassination Claims Alarming but Fortunately Likely Fantasy

Why I find it hard to take the story at face value.
Vladimir Ruvinsky and Pavel Aptekar

The Coronavirus Gave Europe's Leaders a Popularity Boost. Putin Hasn't Fared As Well.

Putin’s confidence ratings not only failed to climb during the pandemic as they did for European leaders, but they actually began a gradual decline.
Dmitry Trenin

Russia–U.S.: No Reset, Just Guardrails

Russia’s top priority should be to carefully maintain equilibrium— though not equidistance — between the United States and China.
Ilya Klishin

Russia's Independent Media Is Under Attack Again as Apathy Reigns

Many find it hard to care that the authorities are strangling Vedomosti.
Michele A. Berdy

Say, Where's That Quote From?

You can take the Bible out of society, but you can't take it out of the Russian language.
Alexey Eremenko

Three Possible Scenarios for Life After Coronavirus in Russia

These are good starting points for thinking about what is probably going to be a perfect storm.