Intellectual Stimulation at English Evenings

Native speakers thirsting for intellectual pursuits in their own language or learners looking to brush up their skills can take in a lecture by English Language Evenings.

ELE invites speakers, well-known or with interesting backgrounds, once or twice a month to give talks on subjects of their own choosing. As well as mental stimulation, the lectures provide an opportunity for English-speaking and non-English-speaking attendees to get to know each other.

A lecture on May 12 by Tobias Bradford, of the public affairs section at the U.S. Embassy, will explore the causes of terrorism.

On May 26, photojournalist John Bonar will give an account of this year's Expedition Trophy car race from Murmansk to Vladivostok.

Stephen Lapeyrouse, founder of ELE, said he was motivated to set up the organization by positive experiences he had with a group in the United States.

"I participated in a weekly discussion group with some well-educated, life-experienced people in Santa Cruz, California, for some seven years," he said. "I learned and gained much from my experience, ... [and wanted] something similar here in my Moscow life."

Attending a lecture costs 50 rubles ($1.80). They are usually held in the Chekhov Cultural Center, on Strastnoi Bulvar.

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-- Alastair Gee

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