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Boeing 737 Lands in Perm After Engine Quits

A Boeing 737 jet flying from Chita to Moscow with more than 100 people on board made an emergency landing in Perm on Wednesday after one of the engines quit, emergency services said.

No one was injured.

The pilots of the 737-800 reported to air traffic controllers that the right engine shut down as they flew near Yekaterinburg, and they decided to make an emergency landing in Perm, Interfax reported.

The plane was operated by Globus, a subsidiary of S7 airline, according to the Uralinform news site.

The plane landed safely at 10:52 a.m., the local branch of the Emergency Situations Ministry said in a statement.

Its 100 passengers and seven crew members were provided with food and offered lodging, and they were to be placed on another plane to their destination, Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, it said.

An investigation has been opened into the incident.

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