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Ikea Puts Hot Dogs Back in Stores

Ikea stores in Russia will resume selling hot dogs in its restaurants across the country starting Aug. 1.

In March, the furniture retailer suspended the sale of hot-dog sausages in all of its restaurants throughout Russia after tests revealed traces of horse meat, Vedomosti reported.

The sausages were locally produced by the Russian company TF Termit.

After an investigation conducted by the European Commission, experts determined that products containing horse meat were not supplied in Russia.

At the end of February, the retailer stopped selling meatballs in their restaurants in a number of European countries after veterinarians from the Czech Republic discovered that pre-packaged Swedish meatballs contained horse meat.

The horse meat scandal spread throughout Europe, as questions about the quality of meat from slaughterhouses and food suppliers were raised in a number of countries.

In a press release, the company said that since then, their meat production requirements have been revised and an additional control system has been introduced.

Now Ikea says it only works with transparent manufacturers. Suppliers are required to conduct a DNA analysis of both raw and cooked products.

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