Russian State TV Airs 'Video Game Poster,' Claims It's U.S. Propaganda


Russia's state-run Channel One network has been accused of trying to pass off a 2009 computer game poster as a piece of World War I-era U.S. propaganda during a recent documentary.

The poster in question, which was displayed during the sixth episode of a history series called "First World [War]," depicts a monstrous man in a uniform tossing an infant into his mouth, with the caption: "Soldiers eat babies. That's a fact."

A voiceover claimed the painting had been created by a U.S. organization called the Committee on Public Information, which allegedly created propaganda posters of "German monsters" to get the message across that "Germans are the devil incarnate."

"Think of the children. Join Team Demoman today, and make those monsters pay," a note at the bottom of the picture reads.

According to Russian news site TJournal, "Team Demoman" refers to a character from a popular computer game, "Team Fortress 2."

The poster was actually created by a Finnish artist who goes by the nickname TankTaur, TJournal reported. It was published on the DeviantArt website in 2009 and can still be found there.

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