Philip Kotler is coming to Russia to recognize and award top specialists in the communication industry

The Ceremony of "Kotler Awards" — awards for best achievements in marketing and advertising takes place in Moscow on March 14th 2014. Philip Kotler will personally select and reward top professionals in marketing and advertising industry in Russia.

World famous professor of Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Philip Kotler is a founder and creator of the "marketing" both as a term and as an industry. For over 50 years generations of marketing specialists all over the world are being raised on his books. Despite of the ages of 82 he is very active — he published new books and research papers and travels the world with conferences and seminars. Owners of world largest brands as well as governments of many countries would come to him for an advice. In March 2014 Philip Kotler is coming to Moscow to hand out his personal industry award "Kotler Awards" for the first time ever.

«KotlerAwards» was created to recognize personal achievements of communication industry professionals at professor's historic motherland. The main point that differentiates "Kotler Awards" from the multitude of other industry awards is that the awards are not going to most successful agencies or campaigns, but to individuals. As Philip Kotler sees it, top-managers of advertising, marketing and PR agencies, client companies and high-profile representatives of governmental bodies have a chance to compete for the title of best expert in the area of marketing and advertising in Russia. The number of nominees from one company is unlimited.

The "Kotler Awards" structure is built on four categories and several special awards. As actuality is of vital importance for any business Philip Kotler has limited the time period for achievements evaluation to one calendar year (from January to December 2013).

Professional achievements of nominees are to be evaluated under four categories:

· Successful result and launch of new product (service), new niche, idea, concept, financial result;

· Most dynamic development of the business;

· Marketing innovations in business that influenced development of the company and/or industry;

· Social significance of the activity.

Judging is to be set in two stages. At first stage Expert Board of Kotler Award, consisting of representatives of Russia's most trusted professional industry associations, such as Russian association of communication agencies, Russian association of marketing services, Russian Brand Consultancies Association, Association of Consultancies in the field of public relations, Association of interactive agencies; most renowned Russian advertising and marketing experts and some others, will assist professor Kotler in applicants' information verification and forming a short-list. At stage two Philip Kotler himself will select winners at each category from the short-list developed by the Expert Board.

In order to participate at Kotler Award and be evaluated by live founder of modern marketing you should fill in the application form and register at

Application fee is 20 000 RUB.

Applications could be submitted between January 20th and February 28th 2014.

Organizers of "Kotler Awards" — awards for top achievements in advertising and marketing, are Philip Kotler Impact, MarketingOne and FestFactory, which is also the organizer of the festivals and Award in advertising and marketing services "Silver Mercury".

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