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Russian Railways


Russian Railways

Web-site: eng.rzd.ru/

RZhD owns the second-largest rail network in the world with 85,200 kilometers of track — 43,000 kilometers of which are electrified. The company carries over 0.95 billion passengers and 1.2 billion tonnes of freight annually across 11 time zones. It is responsible for 42.3 percent of Russia’s total freight traffic (including pipelines) and more than 32.7 percent of passenger traffic. RZhD employs over 975,000 people. (Source: eng.rzd.ru)

The Russian Federation is the sole shareholder of RZhD.

Financial results (RAS, 2011):

Revenue: 1.29 trillion rubles ($39 billion)

Net income: 16.8 billion rubles ($511 million)

Headquarters: Moscow, Russian Federation

Russia Eyes Chinese Cash for $150 Billion Moscow-Beijing High-Speed Railway

A planned high-speed railway stretching some 7,000 kilometers between Moscow and Beijing will cost about 7 trillion rubles ($153 billion) to build, a Russian Railways executive was quoted as saying Friday.

Which 5 Russian Executives Have the Highest Paychecks?

Despite rising inflation and a falling ruble, a small percentage of Russians are apparently still doing very well, according to Forbes' latest ranking of the 25 highest-paid Russian top managers, published Thursday.

First Double-Decker Aeroexpress Train Arrives in Moscow

Swiss locomotive manufacturer Stadler on Thursday delivered the first of 25 double-decker trains to Russia's Aeroexpress, the company that operates express rail links between Moscow's major airports and its downtown.

High-Speed Trains Between Moscow and St. Petersburg to Travel Every Hour

High-speed Sapsan trains between Moscow and St. Petersburg will depart every hour in both directions by the end of 2015, Russian Railways announced Wednesday.

Russian Railways Seek Billions in Government Aid

State-owned Russian Railways' investment program till 2020 will require almost 2.9 trillion rubles ($62 billion) and an unprecedented proportion of the sum, roughly half of it, is meant to come from state coffers, a news report said Wednesday.

Proposed Crimean Rail Revamp Will Cost Billions

Russia's Transportation Ministry has proposed investing a further 135 billion rubles ($3 billion) in Crimea by 2020, news agency RBC reported on Thursday, putting yet further pressure on Russia's already strained federal budget.


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