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Russian Railways


Russian Railways


RZhD owns the second-largest rail network in the world with 85,200 kilometers of track — 43,000 kilometers of which are electrified. The company carries over 0.95 billion passengers and 1.2 billion tonnes of freight annually across 11 time zones. It is responsible for 42.3 percent of Russia’s total freight traffic (including pipelines) and more than 32.7 percent of passenger traffic. RZhD employs over 975,000 people. (Source:

The Russian Federation is the sole shareholder of RZhD.

Financial results (RAS, 2011):

Revenue: 1.29 trillion rubles ($39 billion)

Net income: 16.8 billion rubles ($511 million)

Headquarters: Moscow, Russian Federation

Russian Deputy Transport Minister to Head State Rail Monopoly

Russian Deputy Transport Minister Oleg Belozerov has replaced Vladimir Yakunin, a long-time ally of President Vladimir Putin, as head of Russian Railways, TASS news agency reported Thursday, citing Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Russia Is Drifting Into the Great Unknown (Op-Ed)

The Russian people have no idea toward which port the ship of state is sailing, much less whether it is a worthwhile destination, writes columnist Ivan Sukhov.

Weekly Wrap: Yakunin, Stunts and Sorcerers

This week, the earth shook with the monumental news that Vladimir Yakunin is trading his top job at the Russian Railways state monopoly for a seat in the upper chamber of the Russian parliament.

Russian Railways Head Yakunin to Resign, Become Senator

Vladimir Yakunin, the head of the Russian Railways state monopoly and an old friend of President Vladimir Putin, will leave his post to become a government senator.

Head of Russia's Mighty Rail Monopoly Looks Set to Step Down

Vladimir Yakunin was nominated as a senator for the upper chamber of the Russian parliament Monday, a position that would oblige him to step down as head of the state rail monopoly Russian Railways (RZD).

EU Visits to Crimea Reflect Democracy, Not Divisions Over Russia, Say Analysts

The current trend for delegations of European lawmakers visiting Crimea shows that opinion on Russia policy within the EU is far from unanimous, analysts told The Moscow Times on Thursday.


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