Igor Shuvalov

Igor Shuvalov

Igor Shuvalov (»горь »ванович Ўувалов) was born on Jan. 4, 1967, in Bilibino, Magadan region.

Education: Law, Moscow State University, 1993.

1984-1985: Laboratory assistant at the Ekos Research Institute

1985-1987: Served in the Soviet armed forces

1993: Attache in the legal department of the Foreign Ministry

1993-1995: Senior legal adviser at ALM Consulting. ALM was founded by Alexander Mamut, a member of Boris Yeltsin's inner circle, known as "the Family." By 1995, Shuvalov was director of ALM's law office.

1997: Appointed head of the State Property Committee

January-September 1998: Deputy property minister in charge of cooperation with financial institutions

1998-2000: Chairman of the Federal Property Fund, the state's privatization agent

May 2000-2003: Head of the White House administration (a position also referred to as the Cabinet's chief of staff), which gave him the rank of minister; Gained a reputation as a savvy organizer and a powerful supporter of Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov

May-October 2003: Presidential aide

October 2003: Appointed deputy chief of staff of the presidential administration

March 2004: Appointed presidential aide, specializing in economic issues, administrative reform and speechwriting

January 2005: Appointed presidential representative to the Group of Eight industrialized nations

May 2008-May 2012: First deputy prime minister in Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's Cabinet. Shuvalov oversaw economic freedoms, foreign trade, WTO talks, small business, state property and anti-monopoly policy. The liberal economic team he heads was tasked with ensuring the continuity of Russia's growth and managing inflation, as well as promoting the government's longtime goal of turning Russian firms into global player.

May 2012-present: Reappointed as first deputy prime minister in Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet. He oversees financial and economic issues for the government, including budget planning, investment, tax policy and Russia's trade relations. He is also in charge of the government's investment policy.

He is married and has two sons and two daughters.

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