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Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov (Гарри Кимович Каспаров) was born Garry Kimovich Weinstein (Гарри Кимович Вайнштейн) on April 13, 1963, in Baku, Azerbaijan, to an Armenian mother and a Jewish father. Kasparov's father died when he was seven, and he adopted a Russified version of his mother's maiden name, Kasparyan, at age 12.

1980: Won the World Junior Chess Championship

1984-1990: Member of the Communist Party and, from 1987, the Central Committee of the Komsomol youth organization

1984: Youngest ever No. 1 ranked chess player

1985: Youngest ever undisputed World Chess Champion. Kasparov held the title until 1993, when he broke from FIDE to form his own organization, the Professional Chess Association, a move he later regretted.

1997: First world chess master to lose to a computer, IBM's Deep Blue

2005: Retired from professional chess with the highest all-time Elo rating (Elo is a rating system used in chess and other two-player games) after being rated world No. 1 almost continuously since 1986

2005: Founded the United Civil Front with the goal of "preserving electoral democracy in Russia." He became a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin.

2007-present: Helped organize Dissenters' Marches and later Strategy 31 demonstrations

2008-present: Founding member of the pro-democracy Solidarity Movement

2008: Withdrew from presidential run

Kasparov was a leader of the defunct Other Russia Coalition (not to be confused the unregistered Other Russia party led by Eduard Limonov) in the late 2000s.

Although Kasparov is one of the faces of the liberal opposition, he is largely unknown or ignored as a political figure in Russia.

Outspoken Actor Alexei Devotchenko Found Dead in Moscow

Acclaimed theater actor and opposition activist Alexei Devotchenko has been found dead in a pool of blood at his apartment in northeastern Moscow, news reports said.

Russian Activist Stabbed for Displaying Anti-Putin Sticker on Car Window

An opposition activist in southern Russia who decorated his car with a sticker reading "Putin, go away!" has been stabbed by an attacker who objected to the anti-presidential slogan, a human rights advocate said.

Putin Questions Kasparov's Political Skills After 'World's Most Dangerous Man' Comment

Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned Garry Kasparov's skills as a politician on Thursday after the former world chess champion described him as the most dangerous man in the world.

Garry Kasparov: Russia's Putin Is 'World's Most Dangerous Man'

Russian chess player and opposition figure Garry Kasparov has called President Vladimir Putin the "world's most dangerous man," saying he poses a bigger threat to global security than militant group Islamic State.

Public Spats Over Ukraine Reflect Lack of Unity in Russian Opposition

A public clash between a dissident politician and veteran rock musician this week over Russia's role in the Ukraine conflict reflects the broader lack of consensus among the opposition, pundits said.

Kasparov Bid Fails as Chess Federation's Boss Re-Elected

Former world champion Garry Kasparov failed in his bid to oust the eccentric longtime head of the World Chess Federation on Monday in a bitter contest steeped in Russian power plays.


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