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Dmitry Livanov

Dmitry Livanov

Dmitry Livanov (ƒмитрий ¬икторович Ћиванов) was born February 15, 1967, in Moscow.

Education: graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Department of Physical Chemistry, with a degree in Physics of Metals, 1990; Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics (solid state physics), 1992; D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics (solid state physics), 1997; law degree from Moscow State Juridical Academy, 2003

1992-2000: Researcher, senior researcher at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, laboratory of synthesis; associated professor, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, chair of theoretical physics

1997-2000: Vice rector for research, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys

2000-2004: Vice rector for international cooperation, professor, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, chair of Theoretical Physics

April 2004: Professor, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, chair of nonferrous metal technology (part-time)

2004-2005: Director, department of state policy in science, technology and innovation at the Education and Science Ministry

2005-2007: State secretary and deputy minister of education and science

April 2007: Rector at National Technological Research University and Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys

May 21, 2012: Appointed education and science minister in Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet

Russian Schoolchildren to Learn 2 Foreign Languages

All Russian students will be required to learn two foreign languages before graduation, Education and Science Minister Dmitry Livanov was cited as saying by the government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta on Tuesday.

Conservative Lawmaker Mizulina Takes On Cheeky Children's Notebooks

The creative efforts of designers crafting notebook covers for Russian school children have resulted in several works of decisively bad taste, according to ultraconservative lawmaker Yelena Mizulina.

Russians Oppose Wearing of Muslim Hijab in Schools Ц Poll

Three out of four Russians are against allowing Muslim students to wear hijab head coverings in schools and universities, and the opposition is even higher in Moscow, where 91 percent of inhabitants oppose the practice, a poll released Tuesday indicates.

Russian Officials Call on Schools, Colleges to Fight Brainwashing by Islamic Extremists

Russia's children's rights ombudsman has appealed to the Education Ministry to step up efforts to prevent students from converting to extremist Islamic views, a news report said Friday, after a number of students left the country in an apparent attempt to fight alongside the Islamic State terrorist group.

Currency Crisis Leaves Russian Scientists With No Funds for Foreign Journal Subscriptions

After scientists across Russia lost access to thousands of academic journals on Tuesday due to the ruble's sharp devaluation, Education Minister Dmitry Livanov vowed to restore access to academic publishing giant Springer, Russian media reported.

Patriarch Wants More Religious Education in Russian Schools

The Russian Orthodox Church has submitted a proposal to the Education Ministry that religious education should be taught for eight years in all Russian schools, news agency Interfax reported Tuesday.


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