Anatoly Serdyukov


Anatoly Serdyukov


Anatoly Serdyukov ( ) was born Jan. 8, 1962, in the Kholm Abin district of the Krasnodar region.

Education: Leningrad Soviet Trade Institute (LIST; now the St. Petersburg Economics and Trade Institute), 1984. Ph.D., St. Petersburg State University, 2001.

1984-1985: Served in the Soviet armed forces

1985-1993: Worked for the LenMebelTorg furniture company in St. Petersburg

1993-2000: Worked for the Mebel-Market (Furniture Market) company. He served as the company's general director from 1995-2000.

2000: Joined the St. Petersburg branch of the Tax Ministry (named director in 2001)

2003-2004: Head of the St. Petersburg branch of the Tax Ministry (reorganized into the Federal Tax Service in July 2004)

2004-2007: Head of the Federal Tax Service

2007-present: Defense minister, reappointed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet in May 2012

Serdyukov is First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov's son-in-law.

He has two daughters, one each from his first and second marriages.

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Former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov dismissed in 2012 after a corruption scandal involving a company run by his ministry was appointed industrial director of the Rostec state corporation this week.

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Convicted Defense Official Rumored to Be Missing From Prison Found in Colony

Yevgenia Vasilyeva, a former Defense Ministry official convicted for mass embezzlement who was rumored last week to be at liberty instead of serving her sentence in prison, is in fact incarcerated at Penal Colony No.1 in Russia's central Vladimir region, Russian media reported Friday.


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