Alexei Kudrin

Alexei Kudrin


Alexei Kudrin ( ) was born on Oct. 12, 1960, in Dobele, Latvia (Soviet Union).

Education: Economics, Leningrad State University, 1983. Ph.D., economics, Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Economics.

1990: Deputy chairman of the Economic Reform Commission of the Leningrad Council's executive committee

1992-1993: Chairman of the Main Financial Directorate of St. Petersburg (later renamed the Financial Committee)

1993-1996: Deputy mayor, first deputy mayor, member of the city government and chairman of the Economic and Finance Committee of St. Petersburg

August 1996: Appointed deputy director of the presidential administration, director of the presidential administration’s control department

1997: Appointed first deputy finance minister (re-appointed in 1999)

January 1999: First deputy chairman of the board of Unified Energy System (UES)

May 2000-2004, 2007-present: Deputy prime minister

May 2000-Sept. 2011: Finance minister (re-appointed in 2004, 2007, 2008)

April 2012: Announced the creation of the Committee for Civic Initiatives, an organization to bring together professionals working in key areas — the economy, science and education — on a non-party basis and create an infrastructure to support civic initiatives.

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Putin's Economist: Why Kudrin Tapped to Write New Reforms Plan (Op-Ed)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided that former Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin is to draw up a new economic program for the country.

Former Finance Minister in Line for Top Position at Putins Think Tank

Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has been offered a senior position at Russia's main think tank on economic policy and may participate in the development of a new economic strategy for the Kremlin.

Russian Duma Introduces Amendment Defining Political Activity to NGO Law

Representatives of all factions in the State Duma have introduced an amendment to the law on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that specifies the notion of "political activity," the RBC news agency reported Friday.

Russian NGOs Propose Unionizing

Russian nongovernmental organizations should form a union in order to defend their interests more effectively in disputes with the state, organizers of the third All-Russian Civil Forum hosted by former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, were quoted by the Vedomosti newspaper as saying Monday.

Usual Suspects Gobble Up Russia's Budget Pie

Adverse changes on the world scene, the loss of energy markets, the decline in oil prices, Western sanctions, a lack of domestic reforms, capital flight and diminishing investment have turned this into a chronic economic crisis for Russia.

Russia's Nabiullina Named Top Central Bank Governor by Euromoney

Russia's Elvira Nabiullina was named Central Bank governor of 2015 by Euromoney magazine on Wednesday for helping stabilize her country's economy.


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