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Aeroflot to Charge for Extra Luggage

By Ravi Kumar

With high fuel prices and competition squeezing profits, Aeroflot has become the latest international carrier to charge for extra luggage.

Passengers who travel with multiple bags — even if their combined weight is less than 23 kilogram limit for a single bag — will be subjected to a flat 100 euro fee.

Aeroflot had been charging passengers extra proportional to the weight of overweight bags. This new approach is presumably more profitable for the airline.

Just another reminder to read the fine print before you fly.

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Ravi Kumar is the owner of Mindworks, a Moscow-based marketing consultancy firm that provides marketing and PR services to clients in the travel industry. He has worked in Russia for over a decade, including a stint as general director of Voyazh magazine, where he developed strategies for marketing foreign airlines and tourist destinations in Russia. His e-mail address is

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