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United Russia List

The Moscow Times analyzed the 268 people United Russia put on its party list for the State Duma. The party has four people on its federal list and the rest are on its 31 regional lists. Each party determines the number and regional distribution of its lists of candidates.

This includes only those candidates vying for the 225 Duma seats allocated on the basis of party lists. The other 225 seats are won by candidates running in specific constituencies.

These were the United Russia candidates found to have ties to business. They are listed in random order within each category.


Lyudmila Maltseva: heads LUKoil's economic management. No. 5 on Lower Volga list.

Mukharbek Aushev: a former LUKoil vice president; elected to the Duma in 1995 and after his election, though no longer officially employed by LUKoil, called himself LUKoil's vice president for working with the government; failed to register in 1999. No. 6 on Caucasus list.

Valery Prozorovsky: heads LUKoil's public relations department; ran unsuccessfully in 1999 on the Fatherland-All Russia list. No. 5 on West list.

Artur Chilingarov: deputy Duma speaker, served third term; a loyal LUKoil political partner and said to be a friend of LUKoil president Vagit Alekperov. No. 2 on St. Petersburg list.

Vladimir Anufriyev: vice president of Petrokommerts bank, of which LUKoil owns 77.9 percent. No. 12 on Moscow city list.

Vyacheslav Timchenko: vice president of Tyumen Oil Co., or TNK. No. 4 on West Siberia list.

Alexander Shibalkin: director of TNK's department for relations with the government. No. 4 on Far East list.

Rem Khramov: former head of ONAKO, a former state-owned oil company that was bought by TNK; said to have possible links with both TNK and Sibneft. No. 8 on Volga-Ural list.

Alexander Filipenko: governor of Khanti-Mansiisk and TNK board member; former member of the board of Surgutneftegaz, Russia's fourth-largest oil company; has said he will not take a Duma seat. No. 2 on North Siberia list.

Vasily Kuznetsov: Duma deputy and former director of the Buryatneftprodukt oil company, part of Sidanko, which is majority owned by BP-TNK. Interros has a minority stake. No. 6 on East Siberia list.

Anatoly Yermolin: director of Yukos' Open Russia foundation. No. 4 on Black Earth list.

Maxim Korobov: a Duma deputy and deputy chairman of the Duma committee on power engineering, transport and communications; a former president of the Yukos-affiliated Tomsk oil and gas company, Tomskneft. No. 7 on Krasnodar list.

Leonid Simanovsky: a former vice president of Yukos, but says he has no current ties to the company; chairman of Novatek, the biggest independent gas producer in Russia. No. 5 on West Siberia list.

Liana Pepelyayeva: a lawyer who has represented Sibneft. No. 2 on Novosibirsk-Omsk list.

Sergei Kapkov: heads the sports, tourism and information policy department in Chukotka. He is close to Chukotka Governor Roman Abramovich, the main Sibneft shareholder. No. 5 on Central Volga list.

Sergei Lobov: Duma deputy and member of industry, construction and high technology committee; director of the Slavneft-Kostromanefteprodukt petroleum company (Slavneft was acquired jointly by TNK and Sibneft in 2002. No. 9 on Non-Black Earth list, which covers the Vladimir, Ivanov, Kostroma and Yaroslavl regions.

Akhmed Bilalov: Duma deputy and member of the defense committee; member of the board of directors of Sobinbank, representing the Sever Joint Stock Company, where he previously served as chairman of the board. The company is engaged in trade in oil and oil products. No. 4 on Krasnodar list.


Otari Arshba: vice president of Yevrazholding metals group. No. 3 on Central Siberia list.

Sergei Nosov: director of the Nizhny-Tagilsky metallurgic plant, which is part of Yevrazholding. No. 6 on the Sverdlovsk list.

Viktor Rashnikov: general director of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgic Plant, Russia's top steelmaker. No. 3 on South Urals lists.

Georgy Shevtsov: responsible for the social sphere in Severstal, the No. 2 steelmaker, and a member of the board. No. 5 on North Russia list.

Oleg Yeremeyev: general director of the Coordination Council of the Russian Union of Employers and speaker of the Taimyr Duma; former chairman of the Norilsk Nickel board and close to Vladimir Potanin, whose Interros holding includes Norilsk Nickel. No. 4 on the North Russia list.

Igor Tikhov: general director of the Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant, or Krastsvetmet, part of the Interros holding. No. 6 on the Krasnoyarsk list.

Khazret Sovmen: president of the Adygeya republic; former director of Polyus, Russia's largest and most profitable gold mine, which was bought by Norilsk Nickel in 2002. The current director of Polyus is his nephew, Vladimir Sovmen. No. 2 on Krasnodar list.

Alexander Khloponin: Krasnoyarsk governor and former Norilsk Nickel general director. No. 1 on Krasnoyarsk list.

Vladimir Yerenburg: manages RusAL's assets in electricity companies and is a friend of RusAL owner Oleg Deripaska. No. 4 on Central Siberia list.

Nikolai Ashlapov: a RusAL manager who served as acting governor of Krasnoyarsk after Governor Alexander Lebed was killed in May 2002. No. 2 on the Krasnoyarsk list.

Andrei Burenin: a former director of aluminum smelter SUAL. No. 4 on Sverdlovsk list.


Anatoly Karakchiyev: president of the investment financing group New Financing Initiatives. No. 6 on North Russia list.

Alexander Zhukov: Duma deputy in the Russia's Regions faction and chairman of the Duma budget committee; member of the board of Vostok-Zapad bank and a member of Sberbank's council of observers. No. 3 on Moscow city list.

Yury Trushin: deputy chairman of Rosselkhozbank, or Russian Agricultural Bank, and former deputy head of SBS Agro. No. 8 on Moscow region list.

Alexander Belyakov: Duma deputy and chairman of the natural resources committee; director of SBS Agro in 1997-98; governor of Leningrad region from 1991-93. No. 5 on the St. Petersburg list.

Sait-Salam Gutseriyev: owns 75 percent of the BIN financial group. His brother Mikhail is the head of RussNeft, a partner of Teton Petroleum Co. No. 5 on Moscow city list.

Farid Mukhametshin: member of Tatarstan's parliament and on the board of AK Bars Bank, whose shareholders include Tatneft. No. 1 on Tatarstan list.


Anatoly Gubkin: general director of the Tomsk petrochemical factory. No. 2 on Central Siberia list.

Boris Zubitsky: Duma deputy and general director of the Koks coal company in Kemerovo. No. 3 on Central list.

Yury Rebrik: general director of the state-owned Kristal diamond-cutting enterprise in Smolensk, Russia's largest; president of the Russian Association of Diamond Producers. No. 9 on Central list.

Valery Ryazansky: Duma deputy elected on the Fatherland-All Russia ticket and member of committee on industry, construction and high technology; general director of the Izmailovo Hotel complex in Moscow. No. 6 on West list.

Nikolai Denin: Duma deputy from Bryansk; director of the poultry firm Snezhka. No. 8 on West list.

Oleg Savchenko: chairman of the board of Volzhki ball-bearing factory. No. 3 on Lower Volga list.

Ivan Savvidi: director of Donskoi Tabac in Rostov-on-Don. No. 4 on Rostov list.

Yevgeny Fyodorov: member of the board of the Konstantinov Kirovo-Chepetsky Chemical Plant in St. Petersburg. No. 5 on St. Petersburg list.

Martin Shakkum: Duma deputy elected on Fatherland-All Russia ticket and chairman of committee on industry, construction and high technology; general director of the Rida joint venture, a medical equipment distributor in Krasnogorsk in the Moscow region. No. 2 on Moscow region list.

Alexei Fyodorov: president of Irkut, the maker of Sukhoi fighter jets. No. 1 on East Siberia list.

Anvar Mukhametzakirov: member of Tatarstan legislature; general director of Santekhpribor, which makes plumbing appliances. No. 5 on Tatarstan list.

Viktor Yeltsov: general director of the Tatarstan building company Kamgesenergostroi. No. 6 on Tatarstan list.

Igor Nak: member of Yamalo-Nenetsk Duma; director of the building company Yamaltransstroi, which has built railroads in the Arctic Circle. No. 9 on North Siberia list.

Dmitry Povzder: president of Kamchatka bank Kamchatkomagroprombank. No. 4 on Pacific list.

Kirill Ragozin: general director of the Petersburg vodka company Veda Sistema. No. 4 on Northwest list.

Nikolai Botka: Duma deputy and member of committee on power engineering, transport and communications; general director of Bik, a group of seven construction-related companies located in the Leningrad region. No. 5 on Northwest list.

Vladimir Sobinsky: director of the Sampo bread factory in Petrozavodsk in the Karelia region. No. 6 on Baltic-White Sea list.

Nikolai Vlasenko: director of Viktoria, a chain of shops in Kaliningrad. No. 8 on Baltic-White Sea list.

Nikolai Tonkov: head of a diversified holding in Yaroslavl, where he is an influential businessman. No. 10 on Non-Black Earth list.

Valentin Drusinov: director of the construction firm Mosoblstroi. No. 5 on Moscow region list.

Lyubov Rudikova: head of a Voronezh agricultural leasing company. No. 7 on Black Earth list.

Yevgeny Syrov: general director of construction company Spetsfundamentstroi located in the city of Lipetsk in the Lipetsk region. No. 9 on Black Earth list.

Alexander Klykanov: director of the Energogarant insurance company in Moscow. No. 8 on Lower Volga list.

Stepan Shorshorov: Duma deputy and member of defense committee; general director of the Don beverage Company in Rostov-on-Don. No. 5 on Rostov list.

Gleb Khor: director of the insurance society Geopolis in Moscow. No. 4 on Moscow list.

Alexander Aristov: founder of ARIANT, a food industry concern in Chelyabinsk. No. 2 on South Ural list.

Farit Khasanov: director of the Bashkortostan gas company Sterlitmakgaz. No. 9 on Bashkortostan list.

Sergei Yefimov: director of the telecommunication company Telkom in the Altai region. No. 8 on Altai list.

Vladimir Vasilchuk: chairman of the board of the Magadan Business Center. No. 5 on Pacific list.

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