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Articles by Howard Amos

Howard Amos joined The Moscow Times' business desk as a reporter in November 2010 and writes on a variety of topics, including macroeconomics, finance and banking, and energy. He lived in Russia for a year before joining the paper. You can contact him at or follow him on Twitter at @howardamos.

Pamela Anderson Steals Show at Forum in Russia's Far East

The first day of a new economic forum in Russia's far eastern city of Vladivostok designed to showcase the region was dominated Thursday by Hollywood celebrity Pamela Anderson.

Putin Flies to China Amid Economic Gloom

President Vladimir Putin will be one of the most noteworthy guests at Chinese celebrations to mark the end of World War II when he arrives in Beijing on Wednesday.

British Man Arrested on Drug Charges in Samara

A British man in the Volga river city of Samara, who worked at one of the city's universities, has been arrested on drug charges while awaiting deportation for a previous drug possession conviction, Interfax news agency reported Wednesday.

Russian Court Sentences Ukrainian Director Sentsov to 20 Years

A Russian military court sentenced Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov to 20 years in a high-security prison on Tuesday after finding him guilty of masterminding a terrorist campaign.

Sentsov Case Highlights Plight of Ukrainian Prisoners in Russian Jails

Oleg Sentsov is expected to be sentenced to a long prison term Tuesday after a high-profile trial — but the case has focused attention on an entire group of Ukrainians languishing in Russian prisons.

Prosecutors Seek 23 Years for Ukrainian Director as Trial Wraps Up

Russian prosecutors requested a 23-year prison sentence Wednesday for Ukrainian activist and film director Oleg Sentsov, who is accused of carrying out terrorist attacks in the Crimea region annexed by Russia last year.

Chechen Film Studio Unveils First Major Production

The first large-scale film produced by ChechenFilm went on general release Monday as Chechnya's strongman leader Ramzan Kadyrov looks to boost the region's standing within Russia and abroad.

Russian Propaganda Feeds on Kiev's Culture War

A series of Ukrainian bans on Russian cultural works and prominent artists has been used to burnish already pervasive propaganda tropes of Ukraine as an openly fascist state.

Government Proposal to Limit Russians' Ownership of Livestock Elicits Outrage

A proposal by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to cap the quantity of poultry, sheep, pigs and cattle Russians can own without registering as farmers provoked an outcry Tuesday.

Western Experts Cry Foul Over Russian Books Published in Their Names

Prominent Western experts and journalists accused a Russian publishing house Sunday of pirating their work and printing books using their names without their permission or prior knowledge.

Russia Pushes Ahead With Law to Confiscate Foreign Assets

The Russian government has introduced a bill to parliament that allows the confiscation of property belonging to foreign states.

Ruble Tumbles to February Lows on Weak Oil

The Russian currency sank to its lowest level since February on Thursday, extending a recent rout as the price of crude oil fell below $48 a barrel and appeared to be heading for a 2015 bottom.

Russian Official Lauds Condom Restrictions

A senior Russian official has praised plans to restrict condom imports as part of a drive to reduce reliance on foreign-made goods, suggesting Wednesday that a dearth of the rubber contraceptives will make people more “disciplined” and boost birth rates.

Russian Officials Bicker as Child Killer Suspect Hospitalized

A man suspected of killing his six children, his pregnant wife and his mother was in the hospital Wednesday in the Vladimir region after being injured during his arrest, Russia's TASS news agency reported.

Staff Rebel Against Priest Appointed to Head Historic Site in Crimea

Employees working at the historic site of Chersonesus on the Crimean Peninsula have said they will not work under an Orthodox priest appointed director last week.

Russia Blames Stockholm for Tit-for-Tat Diplomat Expulsions

Sweden has expelled a Russian diplomat and Moscow has retaliated by throwing out a Swedish diplomat.

Exiled Ukraine Officials Announce 'Savior Committee' in Moscow

A group of exiled Ukrainian officials led by former Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov announced Monday the formation of a so-called Savior of Ukraine Committee.

Russian Women Accused of Posing as Jihadist Brides to Dupe Islamic State Ц Report

A group of women from the North Caucasus republic of Chechnya have been accused of posing as cash-strapped Jihadist brides in a bid to defraud Islamic State recruiters, Russian tabloid LifeNews reported Thursday.

Russian Journalist Arrested on Suspicion of Extremism

A journalist working for a prominent Russian news outlet has been placed in pretrial detention over his alleged affiliation with a political group banned in 2010 as extremist, according to the RBC news website.

Ruble Fall Stokes Russian Holidaymaker Woes

Alexandra Khomenok booked a European holiday earlier this month, but her plans hit a stumbling block this week as the ruble took an abrupt plunge, scraping four-month lows.

Odessa Club Cancels Concert by Patriotic Russian Rapper

A club in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa called off an upcoming performance by Russian rapper Timati after local governor and ex-Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili called for the singer to be banned for his allegedly anti-Ukraine stance.

Karzai Hails Deepening Russian-Afghan Ties

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai praised "blossoming" relations between Kabul and Moscow on Thursday as the standoff between Russia and the West over the Ukraine crisis continues.

Russian Officials See 'Color Revolution' in Armenia

Russian lawmakers said Wednesday that rolling protests on the streets of the Armenian capital of Yerevan could be the first stage of a "color revolution."

Russia Tops 2014 World Asylum Claims

With hundreds of thousands of people having been displaced by fighting in eastern Ukraine, Russia recorded the world's highest number of asylum applications last year.

German Drugmaker Merck Flaunts Russian Expansion as Others Flee

The Russian head of pharmaceutical and chemical giant Merck dreams of one day supplying golden pigment to gild the onion domes of Orthodox churches.

Majority See FIFA Scandal as Attack on Russia

Most Russians think that corruption allegations against officials at FIFA leveled by U.S. investigators last month are an attempt to prevent Russia from hosting the 2018 World Cup.

20 Years On, Russia Remembers Budyonnovsk Attack

Russia marked Sunday the 20th anniversary of an attack on the southern town of Budyonnovsk that left more than 100 people dead and some 500 injured.

Men's Magazine Maxim Fined, Threatened With Closure in Russia

A Russian court ordered prominent men's magazine Maxim to pay a 25,000-ruble ($456) fine Thursday for printing bad language, the second such punishment the publication has had in less than a year, paving the way for the country's media watchdog to request the magazine's closure.

Investigators Turn on Moscow's Domodedovo Airport

Privately owned Domodedovo Airport faced the latest in a series of legal battles Monday as Russian investigators opened several criminal cases against former senior executives.

FIFA Scandal Casts Shadow on Russia's World Cup

Doubts were cast Wednesday over Russia's legitimacy as the host nation for next World Cup as Swiss authorities launched an investigation into criminal mismanagement linked to the 2010 decision by FIFA.