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Articles by Anna Dolgov

Russia's Medvedev: Syrian Conflict May Become 'Permanent War'

The conflict in Syria may escalate into a permanent war to last for decades, if peace talks were to collapse or if foreign countries tried to intervene by deploying ground troops, Russian Prime Minister said.

Rally in Russia's Dagestan Against Arrest of Conservative Cleric

Police in Russia's North Caucasus republic of Dagestan dispersed a rally that protested the detention of an ultra-conservative Salafi mosque imam, who had been accused of recruiting fighters for Islamic State terrorist forces in Syria, the independent Kavkazsky Uzel news portal reported Wednesday.

U.S. National Intelligence Director Says Russia Is Paranoid, Aggressive

Russia is paranoid about NATO and is likely to continue aggressive actions this year to support its claim to great power status, U.S. National Intelligence Director James Clapper said in Senate testimony Tuesday.

Russian Foreign Ministry Accuses UN Secretary-General of Bias

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of an anti-Moscow bias in his assessment of its actions in Syria, according to remarks published on the ministry's website Monday.

Police Pursue Drunk St. Petersburg Man Driving Armored Carrier

Police near St. Petersburg have pursued an armored personnel carrier along a road and through a field, eventually detaining its driver and a passenger, both of whom were intoxicated, the local 47news portal reported Sunday.

Russian Security Officials Destroy Turkish Oranges in the North Caucasus

Russian security officials have seized nearly half a ton of oranges from vendors at a city market in the North Caucasus and destroyed the fruit, reasoning that the oranges had been brought from Turkey against Russia's ban on food imports from the country, the Interfax news agency reported Thursday.

Moscow Resident Allegedly Murders Creditors' Representative

A Moscow resident faces murder charges for shooting and killing a representative of his creditors who had arrived at his apartment in the company of court bailiffs to take inventory of the man's possessions.

Russian Schoolgirl Replaces Mandelshtam Poetry With Oxxxymiron Rap Lyrics

A schoolgirl in the Far East recited the lyrics of a Russian rap song in literature class, presenting them as the work of Soviet-era poet Osip Mandelshtam and was awarded an A by her teacher, the Meduza news website reported Wednesday.

Instagram Removes Kadyrovs Video of Russian Opposition in the Crosshairs

Instagram on Monday removed a video posted by the leader of Russia's republic of Chechnya that showed Russian opposition leaders in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle.

Russians Hold Irreverent Rally in Support of the Ruble

Activists in southern Russia held a rally billed as an action in support of the shrinking ruble, but intended as a tongue-in-cheek reminder to Russians that their economic hardships were a result of government policies.

Russian Region Mourns 3 Boys Killed by Hot Water

A city in Russia's far eastern Kamchatka region was holding a day of mourning Friday over the deaths of three elementary schoolchildren who fell into a pool of near-boiling water that resulted from a burst pipeline.

Fewer Russians Think Country Is on the Right Track Poll

The number of Russians who think their country is on the right track has shrunk to 45 percent of the population the lowest in more than a year.

Article on Russian-Chechen Tensions Draws Chechen Ire

Chechnya's regional legislature has demanded an investigation for possible extremism into an article by a Russian political analyst who wrote that mutual resentment between Russians and Chechens has been growing and was on the verge of an explosion.

Russian Lawmaker Blames U.S. for Flu Epidemic

A State Duma lawmaker has blamed Russia's flu epidemic on the United States, and said he would ask government and security agencies to take serious action in response, the Russian News Service reported Tuesday.

Russian Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Syrian Civilians Reports Say

Russian air strikes in Syria have killed 2,371 people — a third of them civilians, including 180 children – according to a tally released Wednesday by a Britain-based monitoring group.

Supreme Court Allows German Couple to Adopt Russian Child

Russia's Supreme Court has overturned a lower court's decision and allowed a German couple to adopt a Russian orphan with disabilities, the Kommersant newspaper reported Tuesday.

Online Poll Names Putin 'Liar of the Year'

A Twitter user claiming to be head of the state-run news agency Rossia Segodnya deleted an online poll Sunday that named a liar of the year, after the majority of respondents voted for Russian President Putin.

Russia's Protesting Truckers Send Critical Message to Putin

Russia's protesting truck drivers issued an acerbic video message to President Vladimir Putin on Constitution Day this weekend, saying citizens' wishes are ignored under his rule.

Russian Engineering University Expels Turkish Students

An engineering university in Russia has expelled a number of its Turkish students amid the growing rift between Moscow and Ankara over the downing of a warplane on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Elderly Russian Opposition Activist Hospitalized After Court Sentence

A 76-year-old opposition activist standing trial for breaking Russian protest laws was hospitalized Thursday with heart problems, after a younger man received a lengthy prison sentence on the same charge.

Third Bengal Tiger Cub Dies of Cold in Crimea Blackout

The third white Bengal tiger cub has died in a Crimean zoo, amid a dispute between Russian authorities and the zoo's director over the confiscation of a power generator that was supposed to provide warmth for the animals.

No Turkish Fabric Means No Anti-Turkish T-shirts

Russian production of T-shirts with anti-Turkish slogans has been delayed by disruptions in fabric imports from Turkey, Russian media reports said Wednesday.

Putin Gives Sports Minister English Coursebook for Birthday

Russia's sports minister whose attempts to speak English at international gatherings have produced such gems as "Let's me speak from my heart" received an English coursebook as a birthday gift from President Vladimir Putin.

Ukrainian Militia Demands 50M Euros for Stolen Paintings

A nationalist militia in Ukraine has demanded 50 million euros for a haul of Dutch golden age paintings that were stolen from a museum in the Netherlands a decade ago, the museum said in a statement Monday.

Russia Brings New Criminal Charges Against Khodorkovsky

Russia has brought new criminal charges against the exiled former oil tycoon turned political opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky, sending an official summons for questioning to his father's Moscow address.

Lawyer, Businessman Shumkov Found Dead in Moscow-City

A businessman and political activist who played a role in President Vladimir Putin's re-election campaign in 2012 and was named Russia's Lawyer of the Year has been found hanged in Moscow, media reported over the weekend.

Russia Is Not Planning More Turkey Sanctions - Minister

Russia does not plan to expand its economic sanctions against Turkey, but is unlikely to restore visa-free travel for Turkish citizens any time soon, Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said in an interview.

Cossacks Burn Effigies of Obama, Erdogan

Cossacks in southern Russia burned effigies of U.S. President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, while rallying this weekend in support of the Kremlin's policies.

What's in a Name? Russia Replaces 'Islamic State' With 'Daesh'

The Kremlin administration appears to be retiring the term “Islamic State” when referring to the terror group, and replacing the militants' preferred title with the derogatory Arabic moniker — “Daesh.”

Turkey May Slash Russian Gas Imports Reuters

Turkey is considering slashing its import of Russian liquified petroleum gas (LPG) by as much as 25 percent next year a plan that would hit a key Russian export amid souring relations between Moscow and Ankara.