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Articles by Anna Dolgov

St. Petersburg Cossacks Deny Involvement In Mephistopheles Relief Destruction

A Cossack organization denied that one of its members was responsible for the removal of a 100-year-old bas relief depicting the mythical demon Mephistopheles from a historic building in St. Petersburg after a man claiming responsibility for the act said he was a member of the group.

Conservative Lawmaker Mizulina Takes On Cheeky Children's Notebooks

The creative efforts of designers crafting notebook covers for Russian school children have resulted in several works of decisively bad taste, according to ultraconservative lawmaker Yelena Mizulina.

Mephistopheles Facade Facing Orthodox Church Taken Down In St. Petersburg

A hundred-year-old bas relief depicting the mythical demon Mephistopheles has been removed from the facade of a historical building in St. Petersburg overlooking the nearby construction site of a new Orthodox church, local inhabitants said.

Scientists Find Pre-Historic Religious Site in Urals Cave

Tools and bones of slain animals were discovered in a cave in southern Russia by a team of research scientists, indicating that the cave was inhabited by pre-historic humans about 30,000 years ago, news agency Interfax reported Wednesday.

Art at Risk as Russian Museums Lose Guards to Budget Cuts

The Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg may be left without police guards starting this fall as the Interior Ministry is laying off officers amid funding cuts.

Trash Cans Returning to Moscow Metro After 40 Years

Moscow subway stations will be outfitted with trash cans for the first time in nearly 40 years, an official said Monday.

Moscow Mayor Apologizes for Massive Road Reconstruction

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has apologized to local residents for the "inconveniences" brought by his massive Ч and widely criticized Ч street renovation projects.

Night Wolves are Putin's 'Iron Cavalry,' Says Leader

Night Wolves leader Alexander Zaldostanov, speaking ahead of a massive show his group plans to hold Friday in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, called his group the "iron cavalry" of President Vladimir Putin.

Russian Translators Denounce Use of 'Unpatriotic' Onomatopoeia in Comics

The use of words such as "bang," "crash" and "wow" in Russian comic books is unpatriotic and should be avoided, Russian translators said

State Duma Speaker Accuses the U.S. of Plotting Against Russia

The speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament Sergei Naryshkin penned an article accusing the United States of plotting "provocations" against Russia

Russian Car Dealerships See Spike in Layoffs as Sales Plummet

Russian car dealerships are laying off their employees en masse as car sales plummet amid the economic crisis, Western sanctions and the falling value of the ruble, a news report said

World War II Memorial 'Evocative of Chinese Flag' Causes Outcry in Siberia

The administration of a city in Siberia has agreed to change the design for the planned renovation of a World War II memorial, after local residents complained that the drawing seemed to celebrate the flag of China

At Least 4 Russian Tourists Dead in Bus Crash in Turkey

A bus crash in Turkey killed at least four Russian tourists and injured 27, officials said

Gruesome Family Killing Highlights Russian Domestic Abuse Problem

About 14,000 women in Russia die every year "at the hands of husbands or other relatives," while violence of some form occurs in one out of four families in the country, according to reports.

Russian Lawmaker Proposes 12 Years in Prison for Food Smugglers

State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov of the ruling United Russia party has proposed expanding Russian laws against smuggling, adding food from Western countries to the list of illegal contraband goods.

Russian Official Lauds Condom Restrictions

A senior Russian official has praised plans to restrict condom imports as part of a drive to reduce reliance on foreign-made goods, suggesting Wednesday that a dearth of the rubber contraceptives will make people more “disciplined” and boost birth rates.

Russian Health Officials Comment on Proposed Condom Ban

Russia's proposed restrictions on condom imports would make citizens more "disciplined," and may also help raise the birth rate, a former public health chief said Tuesday.

Russian Region Bans British Historian's Books

The Sverdlovsk regional government has ordered local schools to remove renowned British historian Antony Beevor's books about World War II from their library shelves.

Russian Government Book on Ukraine Conflict Illustrated With Fake Photo

Russia's Investigative Committee has released a book supposedly documenting the "crimes" of Ukrainian government forces illustrated by a cover photo of a burning city exposed as a doctored "fake."

Health Minister Concerned About Rise in Death Rate Among Younger Russians

Increasing numbers of Russians aged 30 to 45 are dying, mostly as a result of excessive drinking, the health minister was quoted as saying.

Another Russian Teenager Dies While Trying to Take a Selfie on a Train

Russians' infatuation with reckless selfie-taking has claimed a new victim after a 14-year-old girl was electrocuted.

Tiger Cub Found Shot in Russia's Far East

The animal was likely killed by a member of a logging crew whose truck was parked a short distance away, though a shooting by poachers was also possible.

Latvia to Study 'Material and Moral Damage' Inflicted by the KGB

A government panel in Latvia will spend three years preparing a report, Latvian media reported.

6 in 10 Russians Would Support Internet Censorship During a Crisis

Support for online censorship or cutting off Internet access altogether was the highest among Russians who never or rarely go online, but remained high even among those who surf the web daily.

Auction for Political Prisoners Goes on Despite Police Interference

Russian opposition activists have held a benefit in Moscow for political prisoners, despite being forced to change location several times.

Average Bribe in Russia Doubles in Rubles, Remains Steady in Dollars

The amount of the average bribe in Russia has nearly doubled this year, reaching 208,000 rubles.

Russian Official Proposes Protecting Children With Giant Fences

Russia's ombudsman for children's rights Pavel Astakhov has proposed enclosing kindergartens, schools and daycare centers with high solid fences.

Putin Signs Decree Ordering Destruction of Banned Food

Shipments of banned food are to be destroyed starting on Aug. 6, according to the decree published by the Kremlin on Wednesday evening.

International Community Looks for 'Alternative Path' After Russia Vetoes MH17 Tribunal Plan

Countries investigating the downing of MH17 have pledged to explore alternative paths for bringing the perpetrators to justice after Russia vetoes resolution.

Moscow Airport Losing Its 'Shot Glass'

Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport is dismantling its famed modernist lounge Ч a 1964 building popularly dubbed the Уshot glass,Ф or Уryumka."