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. Last Updated: 09/22/2014
Articles by Anna Dolgov

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Russia to Start Drafting Chechen Men Into Army, Kadyrov Says

Five years after a brutal war between Russian forces and Chechen separatists officially ended, the first 500 Chechen men will be drafted to serve in the Russian army, its leader Ramzan Kadyrov has said.

Son of State Media Chief Appointed CEO of Russia's Vkontakte

Russia's largest social network, Vkontakte, has appointed the son of a pro-Kremlin media executive as its new CEO, in the latest sign of increased government control over the Internet.

Russia Making Antiviral Drug to Treat Ebola

Russia is beginning the production of an antiviral drug it has approved for the treatment of Ebola virus. 

Russia Sees Need to Protect Russian Speakers in NATO Baltic States

Russia's Foreign Ministry says there are "whole segments of the Russian world" that may require Moscow's protection, and has singled out Baltic states by saying that Russia will not tolerate an "offensive" against its language there.

NGO Slams Treatment of Disabled Children in Russian Orphanages

Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a damning report this week condemning the treatment of disabled children in Russia's orphanages, alleging abuse and neglect.

Ukrainian Trucker Turns Soviet Songs Into Anti-Putin Anthems (Video)

Some of the most scorching sarcasm against President Vladimir Putin has lately come from the most unlikeliest of sources: A truck driver, who has been belting out popular Soviet songs, albeit with very different lyrics.

Ukraine Starts Building Wall to Keep Russia Out

Ukraine has started building a wall along its border with Russia to block an influx of fighters and weapons across its frontiers and guard itself from the former Soviet neighbor that has become an "aggressor."

McDonald's Forced to Scrap Salads Over Russia's Food Import Ban

Following inspections by Russia's food safety watchdog, McDonald's has scrapped two salads from its menu in light of a ban on Western food imports.

Polish Restaurateur Refuses to Serve Russians Who Support Putin

A Polish restaurant owner who refused to serve Russian customers in protest at their country's interference in Ukraine has amended his policy: He is now refusing to serve only those Russians who support the policies of President Vladimir Putin.

Activist Stages Dramatic Protest Against Russia's Policies on Ukraine (Video)

A peace activist has staged an emotive protest against the Kremlin's policies on Ukraine by wandering blindfolded through St. Petersburg with her hands stained blood-red.

UN Ambassador: Russia is Trying to Create 'Ukrainian Transdnestr'

Ukraine's ambassador to the UN has accused Russia of handing out passports in eastern Ukraine — replaying a tactic it has used in the past to shape frozen conflicts in Georgia and Moldova to its own advantage.

Google Accused of Being Anti-Russian and Spying Tool for Ukraine

A Russian federal lawmaker says Google is anti-Russian and possibly spying for Ukraine, and he wants local authorities to investigate, Izvestia reported Thursday.

Ukraine and Russia Trade Barbs Online

Soon after Ukraine's defense minister said online that Russia has started a "great war," Moscow replied that it is actually that minister who is "dragging the Ukrainian people into a bloody conflict."

Federalism Activist Gets Jail For Demanding Same Regional Rights Russia Wants in Ukraine

While Russia calls for a broader autonomy for eastern Ukraine, it has jailed a domestic activist for advocating the same kind of federalization rights for a southern Russian region.

Kazakhs Worried After Putin Questions History of Country's Independence

President Putin has said Kazakhstan's history of independent statehood is scant and its people's desire for closer ties with Russia is profound — a rhetoric reminiscent of Moscow's stance on Ukraine.

Russia Says West Doesn't Understand Its 'Close Relations' With Ukraine

Russia has urged the West to keep out of its "close relations" with its neighbor in a show of increasing frustration that dimmed hopes for a diplomatic solution.

Russia's Communists Propose Price Controls for Food After Import Ban

Communist lawmakers have introduced a bill that would impose price controls on food, following the government's move to keep tabs on hikes spurred by Moscow's ban on Western food imports in response to sanctions against Russia for its policies in Ukraine.

Putin Tells Merkel More Russian Convoys Will Go to Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin told Germany's Angela Merkel Moscow would soon send more convoys with humanitarian aid to Ukraine— seemingly with or without Kiev's blessing.

Russian Journalists Attacked on Fact-Seeking Assignment About Ukraine

Russian journalists Vladimir Romensky from the independent Dozhd television channel and Ilya Vasyunin from the Russkaya Planeta news site said they were attacked, threatened and told to leave town when they arrived Tuesday at a cemetery in Russia's Pskov region where at least two of the paratroopers had been buried a day earlier.

Russian Rock Star Makarevich Slammed in State TV Smear Campaign

Convincing millions of Russians to trade in their love of a local rock legend for hatred may be a difficult task, but state-run television seems to be taking its best shot at doing just that.

Russian Could Face U.S. Prison Sentence After Climbing Brooklyn Bridge

A Russian tourist in New York could be facing up to a year in prison after he was detained for climbing to the top of the city's iconic Brooklyn Bridge in broad daylight.

Prosecutors Launch Probe into Newlywed's Death at Sheremetyevo

The Prosecutor General's Office announced on Monday that an inquiry has been opened into the death of a 24-year-old newlywed in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport after what news reports claim was a 1 1/2-hour wait for an ambulance.

Russian Grifter Twice Swindles Woman Via Social Network

A young man in Siberia is facing charges after allegedly swindling a woman he met online into paying him money and then reappearing with a show of remorse to trick her again into paying him more, police said.

Moscow Energy Company Says 'Ukrainian' Paint Job Was Glitch

Six workers are under investigation after they accidentally painted a high-voltage transmission tower in southern Moscow in Ukraine's national colors.

U.S.-Born Soldier Killed While Fighting Separatists in Eastern Ukraine

The only known American-born soldier fighting for the Ukrainian government against pro-Russian separatists has been killed in battle, an Interior Ministry official said.

Drunk Passenger Who Forced Plane Landing Then Bit Policeman Gets a Year in Prison

A Russian court has sentenced to one year in prison a passenger who forced an emergency landing of a plane due to his drunken antics in the air, and then bit a police officer who tried to detain him, Russian media reported.

FSB Officer Wounded in Dagestan Gunfight

An officer with Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), a successor agency of the Soviet KGB, has been wounded in one of a series of gunfights that have flared up in the southern Dagestan region days after a Muslim leader was shot to death in nearby North Ossetia.

Tajik Labor Group Head Denies Report of Mass Rally by Migrants

The head of a Tajik labor association denied media reports Wednesday that migrant laborers were planning a 100,000-strong rally to protest the "slave-like" working conditions in Moscow.

IKEA Russia Won't Replace Scandinavian Cheese, Salmon

IKEA stores in Russia may still be offering a "taste of Sweden" in their buffets, but the menu will soon be missing two signature items — Scandinavian cheese and salmon — due to a countrywide ban on many food imports.

Migrant Workers Plan Rally to Protest 'Slave-Like' Conditions in Moscow, Report Says

Migrant laborers in Moscow are planning to rally this fall to demand an end to "slavery" — miserable working conditions that organizers say foreign workers are facing at the capital's markets.
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