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Articles by Anna Dolgov

Russia Wants to Take More Foreign Students to Build 'Pro-Moscow Elites'

Russia's ministries of Education and Science and Foreign Affairs ask the government to increase the number of foreign students admitted to Russian universities by 30 percent in order to “form pro-Russian national elites.”

Russian Funeral Home Defends Hosting 'Party' for WWII Veterans

A Russian funeral home that held a “party” for World War II veterans has justified its celebration as an attempt to protect the senior citizens from other undertakers who would charge them too much.

Russian Mother Arrested for Treason Gets Official Apology

Russia's Prosecutor General's Office has apologized to a mother of seven who had been charged with high treason for phoning the Ukrainian embassy to warn about possible movements of Russian troops toward eastern Ukraine.

Russian NGO Perm-36 Could Be Labeled 'Foreign Agent'

A non-governmental organization that operated a museum commemorating victims of the Gulag may be branded a “foreign agent” despite having decided to fold.

Russian Veterans Protest Treatment as Victory Day Approaches

World War II veterans in northern Russia have handed back medals they received to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the allied victory over the Nazis in a protest over the failure of local authorities to clean up a contaminated building.

Russian Court Gives Man Two-Year Sentence for Social Media Posts on Ukraine

A Russian court has sentenced a Belarussian citizen to two years behind bars for reportedly supporting “terrorism” by commenting on the crisis in Ukraine on his social networking page, his lawyer said.

Tefft Says Obama Would Be 'Happy' to Get Involved in Ukraine Peace Talks

The U.S. ambassador to Russia, John Tefft, suggested President Barack Obama would readily participate in the Ukrainian peace talks if he were invited.

Second Journalist Found Guilty of Displaying Nazi Symbols Under Vague Russian Law

A Russian court has found a journalist guilty of “demonstrating Nazi symbols” for publishing a caricature on a social network that lampooned the ruling United Russia party.

Nemtsov Ally Questioned Over Bolotnaya Protests

Russia's Investigative Committee has questioned and imposed a travel ban on a member of slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov's political party in connection with political protests that took place three years ago.

Police Search for Suspects Following Gas Station Fight

Moscow police have declared a search operation in the city after a fight at a gas station in the west of the capital left several people injured.

Jewish Leaders Want Action After Mass Nazi Grave Desecrated in Crimea

A Russian Jewish organization has appealed to Crimea's authorities to take action after vandals dug up mass graves of Nazi victims on the peninsula, leaving human bones and remains of clothing strewn on the ground.

Separatist Leader Zakharchenko Calls for New Referendum in Donetsk

A leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic has proposed holding a new referendum on the region's status in an apparent bid for stronger support from Moscow .

Russian Release of 'Child 44' Canceled for Being 'Negative' About Soviet Union

A major Russian film distribution company has decided to cancel Russian showings of the British film "Child 44" that depicts a Soviet secret services agent who comes up against the totalitarian system.

'Optimization' of Health Reform Causing Russian Mortality Rate to Rise

Russia's attempts to reform its health services have resulted in a larger number of people in hospitals dying and an increased mortality rate in the country in general, a report by the government's accounting agency said.

Russian Girls Twerking in 'Patriotic' Costumes Cause Outrage

A dance school in Orenburg has been temporarily shut down following uproar over a video reportedly showing underage girls twerking provocatively while wearing the colors associated with Russian patriotism.

Ex-Moscow Mayor Luzhkov Wants In on Russian McDonald's Project

Former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has offered to become a meat and grain supplier for a fast food chain that two celebrated Russian film directors plan to open as a domestic alternative to McDonald's.

Russian Arms Sales Up Despite Sanctions

Russia sold $13.2 billion worth of weapons in 2014, about $22 million more than the year before, despite Western sanctions.

Animal Repellent Sends 19 to Hospital in Russia's Far East

Nineteen schoolchildren were hospitalized in the Far East after a student brought a canister with condensed animal-repellent gas to school.

FSB Detains Opposition Journalist in Latest Crackdown on Crimean Press

Russia's Federal Security Service has detained an opposition-minded journalist in Crimea, a colleague said, in the latest in a series of Moscow's investigations against Crimean reporters and writers who have criticized Moscow's annexation of the peninsula.

Thousands Submit Questions to Putin Ahead of Annual Call-In Show

The presidential administration received nearly 50,000 calls in the first hours after opening a phone hotline for questions ahead of President Vladimir Putin's call-in show on April 16.

Russian Troops Hold Drills Reportedly Modeled on Maidan Protests

Russia's Interior Ministry troops are conducting large-scale exercises involving a “full arsenal” of anti-riot weapons to practice suppressing political protests.

Russian Divers to Raise World War II Plane for Victory Day

Divers from Russia’s Far Eastern city of Vladivostok plan to retrieve an Ilyushin ground attack aircraft that crashed and sank in the Sea of Japan during World War II as part of the May 9 celebrations marking Victory Day.

Russian State Agency Accused of Funding Opposition Media

Russia's Investigative Committee has reportedly demanded explanations about government subsidies to media that support opposition positions.

Foreigners Who Want to Live in Russia to Face Questions About Crimea, Stalin

Foreigners seeking work permits or residency in Russia may soon have to answer questions about Crimea's “joining” of the country and the rule of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, according to a draft immigration test.

Russian Journalist Reporting on Corruption Kidnapped in Dagestan

A Russian journalist who reported on corruption in the North Caucasus republic of Dagestan was kidnapped, forced into a car and severely beaten by masked assailants over the weekend, news reports said.

No Job? Pay Up. Belarus Imposes Fines for Being Unemployed

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has signed a decree imposing fines for being unemployed in a Soviet-style attempt to crack down on tax evaders and people working in sectors of the economy outside of state control.

Russian Museum Unhappy After Joke Report Hints Angel Statue 'Flew Away'

A state-run museum in St. Petersburg has accused a local news agency of offending the city and its religious believers by running an April Fool's report that claimed an angel statue on top of the city's renowned Peter and Paul fortress may have “flown off.”

Savchenko Lawyer Feigin Investigated for 'Extremist' Tweets

A defense lawyer for jailed Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko said Russia's Investigative Committee is looking into his Twitter account for signs of “extremism” after complaints by a pro-Kremlin activist.

Russian Zoo to Locals: Baby Seals Don't Need Your Help

The local zoo in Russia's Kaliningrad region is asking citizens to not “rescue” baby seals that show up every spring on the shores of the Baltic Sea exclave.

Lukashenko Calls for U.S. Involvement in Ukraine Peace Process

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has appealed to the United States to become “openly” and “immediately” involved in resolving the crisis in Ukraine, saying that it would be impossible to attain stability in the region without a more significant U.S. role.