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. Last Updated: 03/02/2015
Articles by Anna Dolgov

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Ukrainian Lawmaker Detained at Nemtsov March to Face Moscow Court

A Ukrainian lawmaker detained in Moscow during a march in honor of Boris Nemtsov has been released, but is due to appear in court on Monday on a misdemeanor charge.

Russian Lawmakers Rebuked for Proposing End to Food Import Ban

A Pro-Kremlin party has reprimanded its maverick lawmakers after they said Moscow's food import ban had hurt Russians and proposed limiting President Vladimir Putin's power to impose new sanctions.

Photos of Kids With Weapons in Russian Kindergarten Prompt Internet Storm

Photos of Russian preschoolers posing with semi-automatic rifles and grenade launchers that outraged many users of social networks were taken at a recent holiday event at a kindergarten in St. Petersburg, organizers confirmed, insisting, however, that the weapons were not real.

Ukraine to Establish 'Internet Army' to Fight Online Russian Propaganda

Ukraine's Ministry of Information Policy has called on its citizens to enlist in the country's "information forces" to battle against online propaganda spread by Russian trolls and pro-Kremlin media.

Armed 'Resistance Fighters' Detained Near Russia-Ukraine Border

Russian border guards have detained three armed men who drove in from eastern Ukraine aboard a heavy truck and described themselves as "resistance fighters," a news report said.

Russian Top Officials Warn Arming Ukraine Will Lead to Full-Blown War

With increasing calls in the U.S. to supply weapons to Ukraine, senior Russian politicians have underscored fears that arms deliveries would lead to an escalation of the conflict.

Children's Ombudsman Wants Probe Into U.S. Adoptions of Russian Orphans

Russia's children's ombudsman has appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office to investigate the apparent adoptions of 11 Russian orphans by U.S. parents last year, despite Moscow's ban, a news report said.

Russian Border Guards Want to Build Anti-Tank Ditches Near Ukraine

Security officials in southern Russia are looking for a contractor to dig an anti-tank ditch that would separate parts of the Bryansk region from Ukraine.

Ukraine Security Service Detains Journalist on Charges of Treason

Ukraine's security service has detained a journalist on suspicion of treason after he released a video calling for his countrymen to avoid military draft amid the conflict in the east of the country.

Swastikas Cover 'Blood-Stained' Supermarket Amid Boycott

Several Russian politicians have called for a boycott of a supermarket chain in St. Petersburg whose employees accused an 81-year-old customer of stealing butter in an incident that resulted in her death.

Pentagon Report Saying Putin Has Asperger's Is Political, Analyst Says

The Kremlin's spokesman has dismissed as "rubbish" a newly released Pentagon study that claims Russian President Vladimir Putin could suffer from Asperger's syndrome, a news report said.

Russian Parliament Busy Trying to Further Legitimize Crimea as NATO Boosts Presence

The speakers of both houses of Russia's parliament are busy finding ways to strengthen the country's legitimacy for taking over Crimea, with one speaker attesting that the land grab was perfectly legal and another planning to nullify the region's 1954 transfer to Ukraine.

Veteran Chechen Commander Killed Fighting in Ukraine

Prominent Chechen commander Isa Munayev has reportedly been killed in eastern Ukraine, where he was battling alongside Kiev government troops against pro-Moscow separatists.

Most Russians Think Moscow's Ukraine Policy Is Fine Despite Sanctions

With the fallout of Western sanctions felt by a vast majority of Russians, one in five think that Moscow should make concessions in its policies toward Ukraine, but nearly seven in 10 believe that their country should continue its course, a respected Russian pollster said Tuesday.

30,000 People Ask Putin to Let Mother-of-7 Await Ukraine Treason Trial at Home

More than 30,000 people have signed a petition asking President Vladimir Putin to release until trial a woman accused of treason for a call she placed to Ukrainian diplomats, warning them that Russian troops may be en route to their country.

New Anti-Maidan Movement Wants to Hold Mass Rally in Central Moscow

A pro-Kremlin movement against protest rallies has asked Moscow City Hall for permission to hold a large-scale demonstration denouncing Ukraine's political protests of a year ago, a news report said.

Russians Say They Fear Hunger, Unemployment and Nuclear War

A recent state poll asking Russians about their fears has laid bare a telling change in attitudes: more than double the number of respondents said they feared a nuclear war compared to two years ago.

Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko Slapped With New Charges

Detained Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, who was seized by pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine last summer and sent to Russia, now stands accused of illegally crossing the border, her lawyers said.

No Vote? No Participation: Russia Drops Out of PACE Until 2016

The Russian delegation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has resumed its boycott after the organization voted to suspend Moscow's voting rights, news reports said.

Moscow Court Upholds Extremism Warning Issued to Ekho Moskvy Radio Station

A Moscow court rejected an appeal Tuesday brought by liberal-leaning radio station Ekho Moskvy against warnings it had received from Russia's media watchdog for what the latter deemed was an "extremist" on-air segment about fighting in Ukraine, the TASS news agency reported.

Belarus Is No Crimea: New Law Views Foreign Fighters as Act of Aggression

Belarus has adopted a new law that states the appearance of any foreign fighters on its territory will be viewed as an act of aggression, even if they cannot be identified as regular troops.

Kremlin Supporters Call For Russia to Stand United Against 'National Traitors'

The Kremlin's chief envoy in the Ural Mountains and western Siberia has called for Russians to unite against "national traitors," in a show of support for the Kremlin amid its increasingly tense standoff with the West.

"No Money? Eat Less!" United Russia Lawmaker Advises

A lawmaker from the ruling United Russia party has offered his advice to Russians struggling to pay for food amid the country's soaring inflation: "Eat less."

St. Petersburg Deputy Governor Didn't Bring Real Gun Into Work, Aide Says

A photo showing the deputy governor of St. Petersburg with a handgun clipped to his belt at a local government meeting has prompted assurances from his aide that the politician is a "law abiding man."

Russian Lawmakers Zero In on Foreign 'Undesirables'

Russia's parliament has given preliminary approval to a bill that would prohibit the activities of so-called "undesirable" foreign companies and organizations in Russia.

Russian Officials Riled by Obama's State of the Union Address

U.S. President Barack Obama's claim that Western sanctions have isolated Russia and left its economy “in tatters” at his annual State of the Union address on Tuesday has ruffled feathers among Russia's political elite.

New Russian Law May Mean 5 Years in Jail for Opposition Activist

An opposition activist faces up to five years in prison for attending an unsanctioned rally, making him one of the first to feel the impact of controversial new amendments to punish those who repeatedly violate Russia's protest laws.

Russian Bill to Ban 'Undesirable' Foreign Companies Passes 1st Reading

Russia's parliament has given preliminary approval to a bill that would prohibit the activities of "undesirable" foreign companies and organizations in Russia, should they be deemed to present a threat to the state.

Study Shows Russian Wildlife Declined Following Soviet Collapse

The turbulent years after the Soviet collapse that brought suffering to many Russians also dealt a blow to the nation's wildlife, many of whose species declined in numbers during that period, a recent study indicates.

Russian Activists Ask Putin to Send Troops Into Armenia

Online activists have leapt to the defense of a Russian soldier who reportedly killed six people in Armenia, calling on Putin to "send in the troops" to protect Russian-speakers in the Transcaucasian country.
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