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Articles by Anna Dolgov

Russian Investigative Committee Opens Criminal Case Against Putin Accuser

Russia's Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on charges of appeals for "terrorism" against an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister for his calls to publicize information about the "crimes" of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and Syria.

Radioactive-Waste Processing Plant Endangers Russia's Lake Baikal

Local residents and environmentalists have appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the planned construction of a radioactive-waste processing facility near Lake Baikal in east Siberia.

Russian Version of 'Tumble' TV Show Denied BBC License

Britain's BBC Worldwide has declined to license the production of a Russian version of the “Tumble” television show because of Western sanctions imposed over the Ukrainian crisis.

Crimea Tourism Improves 34 Percent, Still Below Pre-Annexation Levels

More than 3.9 million people have visited Crimea so far this year, a 34 percent increase from 2014, according to regional authorities, but the number still marks a tourism decline on the peninsula since Russia annexed it from Ukraine.

Russian Security Service Orders Deportation of Buddhist Leader

Russia's Federal Security Service has ordered the deportation of a Buddhist leader who has been practicing in Russian regions for over a decade, reportedly deeming him a threat to national security.

Russian Children Hospitalized After Inadvertently Ingesting 'Spice' Drug

Three 5-year-old girls were hospitalized with synthetic drug poisoning after tasting a УsoupФ they made during kindergarten playtime that contained a packet of unidentified powder innocently added by one of the children, Russian media reported Monday.

Volgograd to Unveil Russia's First Monument to TV Detectives Zheglov, Sharapov

The Russian city of Volgograd is set to unveil a monument on Monday to the lead characters of a Soviet-era crime miniseries “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed,” which was released in the West as “The Age of Mercy.”

Russian Consumer Rights Activist Anshakov Arrested in Moscow

Police have detained the head of a Russian consumer rights NGO who attracted the ire of President Vladimir Putin by describing Crimea as an “occupied” territory.

Ukrainian, Russian Media Clash Over Spilled Coffee

A Ukrainian man spilled a cup of coffee on Crimea's Minister of Information Dmitry Polonsky during a meeting in Warsaw on Thursday, and the incident received coverage by major news agencies in Russia and Ukraine.

Russian, U.S. Speeches Deliver High Tension but Few Dramatics

As political gatherings go, the annual assembly of world leaders at the United Nations in New York is about as high-octane as they get, and this year's meeting has been hotly anticipated.

Russian Textbook Claiming Disabled People are 'Not Individuals' Is Yanked From Sale

A Russian publishing company has suspended the sale of a social studies textbook that prompted an outcry with its message that people with developmental disabilities are neither individuals nor citizens.

Putin Praises American Qualities in Interview With U.S. Television

In excerpts from an upcoming American television interview, Russia's President Vladimir Putin said he admired American creativity and open-mindedness — a break from his usual anti-U.S. rhetoric ahead of a planned meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama.

Kremlin Critic Expelled From Russian Regional Legislature

A regional legislature in northwest Russia voted to expel a lawmaker who has criticized the Kremlin and has been investigating the deaths of Russian paratroopers reportedly killed in Ukraine.

Design Chosen for Moscow Monument Commemorating Gulag Victims

The winner of a public initiative competition to design a Moscow monument honoring victims of the gulags has been chosen from 336 entries by a jury and team of experts.

Russian Activist Fined for Online Caricatures Mocking Fascism

A court in southern Russia has fined a local activist 1,500 rubles ($23) for online publications of caricatures mocking fascism and a photograph of a Soviet Victory Day parade.

Russian Senator Introduces Bill Criminalizing Pro-Stalin Propoganda

A high-ranking Russian senator has sought to combat the increasing promotion of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in the country by introducing a bill that would criminalize attempts to justify the dictator's totalitarian regime.

Russia's Culture Minister Makes Uncultured Dovlatov Gaffe

Russia's culture minister struggles to keep his novelists, or his numerals, straight.

Orthodox Activists Demand to Close Exhibition 'Violating Mystery of Death'

An anatomical exhibition titled "The Human Body" opened on Friday in St. Petersburg despite the claims of Orthodox Activists that it would violate the "mystery of death," and could inflict psychological harm on its visitors, news reports said.

News of Closure of American Center in Moscow Rattles Muscovites

News of the possible shutting down of an American culture center sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow after 22 years of operation rattled Muscovites on Wednesday.

Russian Official Denies Boycotting Pskov Festival Over Kashin Allegations

The head of Russia's state agency for media development has denied a statement put out by his own spokespeople saying he was boycotting a festival in the Pskov region amid accusations linking the region's governor to an attack against prominent journalist Oleg Kashin.

Russian Authorities Close Down American Center in Moscow

The Russian government has shut down the U.S. Embassy's American Center in Moscow after 22 years in operation, Ambassador John Tefft said, warning the Kremlin is eroding ties which the two countries managed to preserve even during the Cold War.

News Report Ridicules Russian Media Law on Suicide

A regional news portal has poked fun at a Russian law prohibiting online content found to promote suicide in a report about the attempt of a teenage girl to kill herself.

Russian Orthodox Activists Who Vandalized Manezh Face Criminal Charges

Investigators have opened a criminal case against a group of radical Orthodox activists who attacked Moscow's Manezh exhibition center last month.

Russia Has Older Democracy Than U.S. and First Black General Proves It Ч Elections Chief

The head of Russia's Central Elections Commission has claimed that Russia has an older democracy than the U.S. because Russia appointed its first black general two centuries before the U.S.

Russian Women Barred From 456 Jobs, World Bank Says

Women in Russia face the most job-related barriers worldwide, with gender specifications for 456 types of jobs, the World Bank said in a report.

Russian Anti-Gay Crusader Milonov Apologizes for Rudeness, Then Calls Liberals 'Dogs'

Famously eccentric St. Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov has offered an uncharacteristic apology for his “rude” statements after which he referred to liberals as “dogs” and an LGBT rights activist as “non-human.”

Russian Monuments to Stalin Highlight Controversy Over His Legacy

Two monuments to Josef Stalin were unveiled in separate Russian regions in one day this week in a face-off that marks a deepening rift within the nation about the Soviet dictator's legacy.

Chechen Leader Kadyrov Calls for Judge to Be Punished Over Ruling on Muslim Book

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia's North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, has pledged to “personally call to account” the Russian judge and prosecutor who deemed as “extremist” and banned from local distribution a book containing quotes and commentary on verses from the Quran.

Russian Investigative Committee Head Advised to Have Head Examined

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk's spokeswoman suggested on Tuesday that the chairman of Russia's Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin undergo a psychiatric evaluation after he accused Yatsenyuk of fighting alongside Chechen rebels in the 1990s and torturing Russian soldiers.

Prince Vladimir Statue to Find Home in Central Moscow Square

Following a months-long dispute marked by public protests, Moscow authorities have ruled that a monument to medieval ruler Prince Vladimir will be erected near the Kremlin.