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Articles by Anna Dolgov

Moscow Airport Losing Its 'Shot Glass'

Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport is dismantling its famed modernist lounge Ч a 1964 building popularly dubbed the Уshot glass,Ф or Уryumka."

Foundation of Dynasty Founder's Son Also Named Foreign Agent

The Justice Ministry declared the Sreda organization a foreign agent on Tuesday.

Proposal Would Have Boars Roaming Latvian Capital Sent to NATO Training Ground

The head of the Baltic nation's hunter's association suggested wild boars that have attacked residents could be moved to the Adazi training ground.

Putin Scheduled to Address UN General Assembly

The Russian president will address the gathering of world leaders in September, according to a provisional list of speakers released by the UN.

Missile Explosion Spoils Navy Day in Crimean Port of Sevastopol

A missile exploded immediately after its launch during a parade celebrating Navy Day near the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

Two Nabbed After Russian IT Technician Finds Child Porn During Routine Repair

Police in Vladivostok have detained two men on suspicion of sexually abusing children after an IT technician alerted investigators.

Ukrainian Border Guards Deny Shooting Russian Man Taking Selfie

Ukraine's police denied accusations Monday from Russia's Federal Security Service that Ukrainian border guards had shot and injured a Russian man trying to take a selfie.

Russia Proposes Alternative UN Resolution to MH17 Ч on Ukraine

As Russia argues that the UN Security Council would overstep its boundaries by establishing an international tribunal to try those responsible for the downing of a Malaysian airliner over eastern Ukraine last year, a Moscow official has called for the council to establish another international tribunal — to prosecute Ukrainian officials.

Russian Official Calls for Obligations to International Law to be Struck from Constitution

The head of Russia's Investigative Committee has called for scrapping from the country's Constitution all mentions of adherence to international law.

Moscow Park to Host Performance Honoring Vysotsky Friday

The Hermitage Garden will host a "Night of Poetry" on Friday to commemorate Vladimir Vysotsky, who died 35 years ago this week.

Mysterious Crop Circles Appear in Southern Russian City on 10 Year Anniversary of Previous Circles

Aviation buffs testing a drone in Tolyatti have spotted elaborate crop circles on nearby fields; similar circles appeared in the Volga city 10 years ago nearly to the day.

Russian Election Monitoring NGO Golos Removed from Foreign Agents List

The Justice Ministry is revoking the registration of election-monitoring group Golos as a "foreign agent" and has refunded the fines the NGO has paid.

Cell Phones, Yeast Confiscated from Russian Prison-Bound Drones

Drones may now officially qualify as the tool of choice for prison contraband smuggling in Russia, after two incidents of attempted drone deliveries were reported within as many days.

Gorbachev Urges Renewed Ties With West

The former Soviet president says that problems inherited from previous eras are holding Russia back and urged Western leaders to restore ties with Moscow.

Chinese Investment in Russia Fell 25% in the First Half of This Year

China's direct investments in Russia have shrunk by 25 percent in the first half of this year, even as its overall foreign investment has increased.

Russia Disowns Soldiers Captured in Eastern Ukraine in May

Russia's Defense Ministry says that the men had resigned from the army before crossing the border and their mission had "no connection" with Moscow's armed forces.

Novaya Gazeta Could Face Closure After Second Government Warning

One of Russia's last independent newspapers plans to appeal in court the second government warning it has received within a year.

Russian Government Failing to Stem Rising Poverty

The government is failing to protect Russians who are falling into poverty at the fastest rate for nearly two decades, an economist said in an interview published Monday.

Former State Duma Speaker Gennady Seleznyov Dies at 67

Seleznyov was kicked out of the Communist party for urging reforms and refusing to step down from his parliamentary position.

Putin Warns Russian Defense Industry Not to Fall Behind

Russia's military modernization drive is stalling this year under the weight of Western sanctions and the decay of the domestic defense industry, a deputy defense minister told President Vladimir Putin.

'Koshmario' Takes on Terrorists in Russian Anti-Extremism Video Competition

The Interior Ministry received more than 300 entries in its anti-extremist video competition.

Russian Military Struggling to Modernize

The Russian military is failing to meet its plans for this year on re-equipping its armed forces with modernized weapons.

Ultraconservative Duma Deputy Mizulina to Run for Federation Council

Mizulina said she would serve as a senator from the Omsk region of Siberia in the Federation Council if the region's acting governor wins the Sept. 13 election.

Moscow Authorities Open Parks, Close Roads for Eid al-Fitr

Moscow city authorities will close off sections of the capital to traffic this Friday to accommodate mass prayers marking the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan.

Putin Says He Supports "Minimal" Internet Restrictions

Putin calls for limited restrictions on the Internet, but added that he expects Russian citizens to promote Moscow's views online.

Russians Not Interested in Emigrating Poll Says

Eighty-five percent of Russians have little or no interest in moving to a different country, a survey by state-run polling agency VTsIOM indicated.

Ukraine's Consul in Turkey Fired for Wearing Putin T-Shirt

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said he has fired his country's honorary consul in Turkey for wearing a t-shirt with a portrait of the Russian president.

Countries Call for UN Tribunal on MH17

Five countries have asked the UN Security Council to establish an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Defense Ministry Denies Soldiers Are Deserting for Fear of Being Sent to Ukraine

The Defense Ministry says it is investigating four soldiers on suspicion of having gone AWOL from their base in southern Russia, but denied reports that the number of troops who had allegedly fled the base to avoid being sent to fight in Ukraine had reached several dozen.

French Group Accuses United Russia of Stealing Design for 'Straight Flag'

French opponents of gay marriage have accused the ruling United Russia party of using their logo without permission after it unveiled a “heterosexual flag” in honor of traditional family values, news reports said.