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Articles by Anna Dolgov

Al-Qaida Plans for Russia Failed Because of 'Bad Luck'

Newly declassified documents seized when U.S. forces stormed Osama bin Laden's compound in 2011 indicate that al-Qaida had been planning a series of attacks in Russia, but the plots failed because of "bad luck."

Russian Schoolboys Detained for Roasting Potatoes Over Eternal Flame

Police have detained three children on suspicion of roasting potatoes on an eternal flame monument to World War II soldiers in Russia's Tula region and also setting memorial wreaths on fire, media reports said.

Al Qaeda Plans for Russia Attacks Failed Because of 'Bad Luck'

Newly declassified documents seized when U.S. forces stormed Osama bin Laden's compound in 2011 indicate that al Qaeda had been planning a series of attacks in Russia but the plots failed because of "bad luck."

Computer Program to Trawl Social Networks for Russian Opposition Plans

A pro-Kremlin political center has unleashed a computer program that would trawl social networks for chatter about planned unauthorized gatherings and report its findings to Russian authorities, a news report said.

Moscow Admits Two Fighters Captured in Ukraine Are Ex-Russian Soldiers

Russia's Defense Ministry has identified two fighters captured in Ukraine as former servicemen in the Russian military.

Rail Travel Between Russia and Estonia Suspended After 65 Years

Dozens of people, including one dressed as a popular Soviet-era cartoon character, came to see off the last train departing Estonia's capital Tallinn for Moscow, after the Baltic nation suspended railroad communication along the 65-year-old route.

30 Years On, Gorbachev Rues Running of His Soviet Anti-Alcohol Campaign

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said that his massive anti-alcohol campaign in the 1980s was too swift and sweeping in a recent interview.

Paypal Blocks Russian Account Linked to Nemtsov Report on Ukraine

Paypal has blocked a Russian account that was intended to fund large-scale publication of the report opposition leader Boris Netmsov was working on when he was murdered.

Estonia's Justice Ministry Wants Ban on Communist, Nazi Symbols

Estonia's Justice Ministry is drafting a bill that would ban the public display of both Communist and Nazi symbols in the country.

Kids in Uniform to March in Pint-Sized Military Parade in Southern Russia

A southern Russian city will hold a parade of children in uniform on Thursday to salute World War II veterans in a military show commanded by army officers.

Russia Removes 'Wanted For Fraud' Poster for Ukrainian Rebel Minister

Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs branch in Moscow has removed a “wanted” poster from its site after media reports identified the suspect as the deputy defense minister of the separatist Donetsk People's Republic.

Nemtsov Report Details Human and Financial Costs of War in Ukraine

  • 12 May 15
  • Combined Reports
About 70 Russian soldiers were killed early this year in eastern Ukraine's Debaltseve alone, according to excerpts from a long-awaited report by murdered opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

Protesters Detained at Moscow Birthday Rally for Jailed Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko

More than a dozen people, including at least four journalists, have been detained during rallies in Moscow marking the birthday of jailed Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, news reports said.

Russian Prison Riots Spread to Bashkiria

A riot in a maximum-security prison in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan has left six inmates hospitalized with injuries, Russian media reported.

Putin Defends Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact in Press Conference with Merkel

Russian President Vladimir Putin defended 1939's Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany as Moscow's response to being isolated and having its peace efforts snubbed by Western nations.

Video of Cadets Dancing on a T-34 Tank Under Investigation in Latest Twerking Scandal

Prosecutors in southern Russia are looking into a video that appeared online featuring military cadets twerking around a T-34 tank in their underwear, in the latest dancing scandal to hit the country.

Stalin Monument Installed in Russian Town Over Authorities' Objections

A memorial to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin has been installed in the Russian town of Lipetsk in front of the local Communist Party's headquarters, despite what appear to be some objections from the City Hall, a news report said.

Facebook Apologizes for Deleting Russian Journalist's MH17 Post

Facebook has apologized for briefly deleting a post by a prominent Russian journalist who ridiculed the Kremlin's changing narrative about the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine.

Berlin Court Overturns Night Wolves' Entry Ban

After German authorities canceled the visas of some of the members of patriotic Russian biker group the Night Wolves, a Berlin court overturned on Wednesday the entry ban that was imposed against them.

Victory Day Banner Proclaims Rome as Next Russian Conquest After Crimea

A Victory Day banner proclaiming that after annexing Crimea from Ukraine, Russian forces may march on to Rome has garnered criticism from local authorities.

Navalny: Russian Bikers Given Grants to Stage Anti-Western Shows for Kids

Nationalist biker group the Night Wolves has received millions of rubles in government grants over the past year and a half, with some of the money allocated for staging anti-Western shows for children, a report said.

UN Secretary-General to Attend MoscowТs Victory Day Celebrations

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will visit Moscow for Victory Day celebrations this Saturday, the UN has confirmed.

Moscow Security Officials Raid Stores for Products Bearing 'Nazi Propaganda'

Moscow's municipal security officials have raided stores selling books, toys and souvenirs in the Russian capital and have identified more than a dozen items to be investigated for possible Nazi propaganda, a news report said.

Russian Veterans Want to Restrict Use of St. George's Ribbons

A World War II veterans' association wants the government to regulate the use of the black-and-orange St. George's ribbon, as the symbol is increasingly becoming a popular accessory and advertising gimmick.

Moscow Victory Day Billboard Featuring Luftwaffe Pilots Taken Down

A billboard in Moscow commemorating Victory Day has been taken down after it turned out that the military pilots featured next to the slogan “They fought for the Motherland” were in fact Nazi Germany's Luftwaffe pilots.

Kremlin Chief of Staff Says Twerking Is OK Under Right Circumstances

The Kremlin has responded to Russia's latest twerking scandal, with the presidential chief of staff saying that while there was nothing wrong with the dance, but the women who were performing it picked a poor location.

Russian Foreign Ministry Says Poland's Ban on Bikers is Attempt to 'Rewrite History'

Warsaw is trying to "rewrite history" by blocking a group of pro-Kremlin Russian nationalist bikers from entering Poland to celebrate the allied victory over the Nazis in World War II.

Russian Lawmakers Suggest Punishing People for Being Unemployed

In a move reminiscent of the Soviet era, Russian lawmakers have proposed introducing a penalty for being unemployed, and called for amending the Constitution to make labor the duty of each citizen, Russian media reported Monday.

More Russians Believe Sanctions Will Result in Economic Crisis, Poll Shows

Six out of 10 Russians believe that Western sanctions against their country over the crisis in Ukraine could lead to financial upheavals, while the number of those who think a crisis can be avoided has shrunk to 31 percent from 55 percent a year earlier, according to a recent poll.

Russia Wants to Take More Foreign Students to Build 'Pro-Moscow Elites'

Russia's ministries of Education and Science and Foreign Affairs ask the government to increase the number of foreign students admitted to Russian universities by 30 percent in order to “form pro-Russian national elites.”