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Articles by Anna Dolgov

Russian Officials Propose Mandatory University Course Teaching Students to Fight 'Color Revolutions'

Amid the Kremlin's mounting fears of color revolutions a term term favored by Moscow to describe political protests that had toppled Russian-backed administrations in several former Soviet states in recent years the Defense Ministry has proposed educating all Russian students on how to combat any such revolts in their own country, Izvestia reported Thursday.

Russian Academia Rattled as American Professor Sacked After TV Witch Hunt

Anxiety gripped Russia's academic community after news broke that a central Russian university had fired an American professor following a state-run media broadcast decrying his work as "harmful" to the country.

Baltics React With Indignation to Reports of Russia Questioning Their Independence

The three Baltic states have denounced as absurd reported plans by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office to look into whether their independence from the Soviet Union was legitimate.

Russians Oppose Wearing of Muslim Hijab in Schools Poll

Three out of four Russians are against allowing Muslim students to wear hijab head coverings in schools and universities, and the opposition is even higher in Moscow, where 91 percent of inhabitants oppose the practice, a poll released Tuesday indicates.

Russians See Western Sanctions as Plot to Weaken Them, Poll Shows

Two out of three Russians believe that Western governments want to weaken and humiliate Russia with their sanctions over the Ukraine crisis, and only 5 percent think the measures are aimed at ending the bloodshed in Ukraine, a new poll indicates.

Fugitive Russian Banker Claims He Orchestrated Putin's Accession to Presidency

A former Kremlin insider and banker has claimed that the decision to pick Vladimir Putin as the successor to former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was made by three people in the ex-leader's immediate entourage and family.

Russian Officials Call on Schools, Colleges to Fight Brainwashing by Islamic Extremists

Russia's children's rights ombudsman has appealed to the Education Ministry to step up efforts to prevent students from converting to extremist Islamic views, a news report said Friday, after a number of students left the country in an apparent attempt to fight alongside the Islamic State terrorist group.

Russians in Favor of Harsher Drug Control Laws

Nearly three-quarters of Russians are in favor of criminalizing drug use and introducing mandatory treatment for convicted addicts, according to a survey by the Levada Center.

Kadyrov Channels Ancient Horse in Fight with Czech Minister

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has accused the Czech Republic of violating the rights of his racehorses.

St. Petersburg Lawmaker Wants Romanov Family to Return to Russia

A regional lawmaker has appealed to the descendants of the Romanov family to return to Russia to help unify the country and restore its might.

Yanukovich Ostriches' Celebrity Status Causing Them Stress

The resident ostriches at former Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich's mansion are suffering from the celebrity status that befell them after their owner fled to Russia.

Homeless Man's YouTube Channel Shows the Other Side of Moscow (Video)

A man claiming to be a "bum" living on Moscow's streets is building up an online following with his YouTube video channel.

Russian Agency Investigated After Calling Crimea an 'Occupied Territory'

Russia's consumer protection agency may face criminal charges for a tourism memo that urged Russian vacationers to show caution when traveling to "occupied" Crimea.

Russian Security Fear Citizens Joining ISIS More than Ukrainian Separatists

Moscow is unable to stem the flow of militants to the Islamic State, nor the flow of volunteers to separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, a top security official said in an interview.

World War II Stalingrad Soldiers to Be Reburied

Nearly 1,000 Red Army soldiers who died during the World War II Battle of Stalingrad will receive a military burial on June 22.

Ukrainian Activists Stage Russia Day Attack on Kharkiv Consulate

Ukrainian activists in the eastern city of Kharkiv marked Russia's June 12 national Russia Day holiday by throwing eggs and paint at the local Russian consulate.

Moscow Student Who Hoped to Join ISIS Returning to Russia Thursday

A Moscow student detained near Turkey's border with Syria will be released and brought home to Russia on Thursday.

Russian Soldier Captured in Ukraine Under Pressure, Offered Asylum

Yevgeny Yerofeyev — who identified himself as a Russian army captain when he was captured in Ukraine — is "under very serious pressure" to cooperate with investigators looking into his case.

Kremlin Blames Technical Glitch for 'Fake Firing' of Kaliningrad Governor

The Kremlin has apologized for a "technical glitch" that caused an announcement to appear on its website claiming that Putin has dismissed the governor of Russia's Baltic exclave.

Russia Day Holiday Important for only 3% of Russians

Only 3 percent of Russians consider the upcoming Russia Day national holiday, celebrated on June 12, among the important celebrations of the year.

Monument to Russian Gulag Victims Damaged in St. Petersburg

Vandals have damaged a memorial to gulag victims in St. Petersburg, removing a stone book that was part of the composition and replacing it with a cardboard sign.

Liberal Russian Paper Calls for Putin's Help to Protect its Journalist

Novaya Gazeta newspaper has appealed to President Vladimir Putin's administration to look into apparent threats made against its journalist.

Communist Politician Wants to Ban Foreign Grants for Russian Students

A Communist lawmaker has proposed banning foreign organizations that provide grants to Russian students to study in the West.

Ads for Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Removed in Kostroma

Authorities in central Russia have removed billboards advertising a talk by opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Russian Communists Want Prison Terms for Comparing Soviets to Nazis

Lawmakers from the Communist Party have drafted a bill that would introduce a 10-year prison sentence for comparing the Soviet regime to Nazi Germany.

Putin Spokesman Avoids Questions on Reasons For Parliamentary Special Session

  • 05 June 15
  • Reuters
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dodged questions about whether President Vladimir Putin may ask Russia's parliament to authorize military involvement in Ukraine.

Russian Rights Group Memorial Releases New List of Political Prisoners

Russia has at least 50 "political prisoners," according to a new list compiled by the country's leading human rights group Memorial.

Russian Legislators Warned to 'Not Go Far' for Summer Holidays

The speaker of the Federation Council, the upper chamber of Russia's parliament, told lawmakers to “not go far” during the summer break because the chamber may need to convene for an emergency session.

Russia Bans Baltic Fish as Local Producers Complain of Price Fixing

Moscow has banned the import of processed fish, such as canned sprats, from Estonia and Latvia, citing contamination by toxins.

Russian Delegation Banned from EU Parliament in Retaliatory Move

The European Parliament has restricted the Russian delegation's access to the assembly in a jab at Moscow for banning 89 EU politicians from entering Russia.