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. Last Updated: 11/27/2014
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Ferguson Protesters Torch Russian News Agency's Car

Protesters in Ferguson have torched a car operated by  Russia's major state-run news agency, shortly before Moscow issued a statement reminding Washington of its obligation to uphold freedom of expression.

Lawyer Attacked After Defending LGBT Activist in St. Petersburg Court

A human rights lawyer who was employed to defend an LGBT activist said he was attacked after leaving a St. Petersburg court, identifying one of the assailants as an Orthodox activist and aide to a local anti-gay lawmaker.

Russian Authorities Probe Lurkmore Website Pages for Signs of Extremism

Russian authorities are looking into entries posted on the country's tongue-in-cheek online encyclopedia Lurkmore that mock Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov as well as the Molotov cocktail.

Roofer Activist Changes His Name to 'Glory to Ukraine'

A Ukrainian roofer who painted a Soviet star on top of a Moscow landmark in his country's blue and yellow colors said he has officially changed his name to "Slava Ukraine," meaning "Glory to Ukraine."

Norway Suspends Political Contact With Russia, Prime Minister Says

Norway has suspended all political contact with Moscow and has canceled a previously planned joint military exercise with Russia because of the conflict in Ukraine, the Norwegian prime minister said.

U.S. Ambassador Tefft Unfazed by 'Inevitable' Slump in Russia Relations

U.S. Ambassador John Tefft says the crisis between Moscow and Washington can be resolved and that Western sanctions may be rolled back if Russia implements the terms of a peace plan for Ukraine that it co-signed.

Russia's Igor Strelkov: I Am Responsible for War in Eastern Ukraine

Russian national Igor Strelkov, a former commander of pro-Moscow rebels in eastern Ukraine, has claimed "personal responsibility" for unleashing the conflict across the border.

Russia's Ekho Moskvy Celebrates Victory as Radio Host Dodges Ax

Radio station Ekho Moskvy has scored a victory in its struggle to preserve editorial independence after its state-run corporate owner has revoked an order to fire one of the station's journalists.

Police Detain 46 Illegal Chinese Workers at Counterfeit Sneakers Sweatshop in Russia's Urals

Security officers have detained dozens of illegal workers from China working at a sewing shop in the Russian Ural Mountains, that some reports have linked to the local leader of the ruling United Russia party.

Russian Officials Left Puzzled After Fireball Explodes Above Sverdlovsk (Video)

A giant burst of light that lit up the sky above Sverdlovsk last week may have impressed local residents, but scientists, government officials and the military have been left scratching their heads.

Report Says 64 Pensioners in Eastern Ukraine Starved to Death

An assembly of town residents in eastern Ukraine has claimed that dozens of pensioners have died of starvation in their district, a news report said, amid increasing signs of severe food shortages in separatist-controlled areas.

Watchdog to Bring Charges Against Russian LGBT Teens Support Group

Russia's media watchdog has said it will bring charges against a journalist who runs an online support group for LGBT teenagers under a law that bans the promotion of "gay propaganda" to minors.

Russian Soldier Caught in Ukraine Disappears on Way Home, Parents Say

A Russian soldier who was captured in Ukraine and claimed to have fled his country in protest at its involvement in a "fratricidal war" has gone missing while traveling back to Russia, his parents said.

Russia to Rethink Study Abroad Program as East-West Relations Sour

The government is revising a program that allows graduates to study abroad at the state's expense and could limit it to nations and universities that are deemed friendly to Russia.

Soldiers' Mothers NGO Loses Appeal to Get 'Foreign Agent' Tag Removed

The Justice Ministry has refused to remove the "foreign agent" label it applied to the St. Petersburg branch of the Soldiers' Mothers non-governmental organization, saying it had no procedure to reverse the ruling.

Russia's RT Channel Threatened With Sanctions in Britain Over Bias

Britain's media regulator has threatened to bring sanctions against Russia's state-run broadcaster RT after ruling that it breached U.K. codes on impartiality in several of its newscasts on Ukraine.

Latvian Foreign Minister Reveals He Is Gay, Prompting Mixed Reactions in Russia

Latvia's Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics has come out as gay, advancing LGBT rights in former Soviet republics but prompting a few indignant remarks in Russia where "gay propaganda" is forbidden by law.

Firing of Ekho Moskvy Reporter Prompts Speculation Over Editor's Fate

A state-controlled media holding has fired an Ekho Moskvy radio journalist, citing ethical norms, and threatened to dismiss the radio station's long-standing chief editor Alexei Vendiktov.

Russian Lawmakers Slam 'Lame Duck' Obama, Overlook Real Threat

Widespread losses among U.S. President Barack Obama's fellow Democrats in the U.S. midterm congressional elections this week have prompted an outpouring of seemingly misguided glee from Russian politicians.

Activist, Lawmaker, Pilot Feature on New List of Russian Political Prisoners

Leading Russian human rights group Memorial has updated its list of political prisoners to include a federalization activist and a Ukrainian pilot.

Russian Vandal Spray-Paints Swastikas on Walls of Ukrainian Refugee Camp

A vandal has been caught on camera painting swastikas on a hostel for refugees from eastern Ukraine, news reports said, as Russia prepared to celebrate its National Unity Day holiday.

Russia Says Ukraine's Separatist Vote Does Not Violate Minsk Deal

Russia has blocked a UN Security Council statement accusing Ukrainian separatists of breaching a peace agreement with Kiev, as Western governments continue to denounce Sunday's vote as illegitimate.

National Unity Day: Only Half of Russians Know What It Is, Poll Shows

One in two Russians are not certain what their country will be celebrating this Tuesday, a recent poll shows.

Microsoft Scraps Russian Schools Tablet Program Over Rotenberg Blacklisting

Microsoft has suspended plans to provide tablets to Russian schools citing "concerns" over Western sanctions against Kremlin ally Arkady Rotenberg, a news report said.

Homophobic Russian Actor Blacklisted by Estonia After Ebola Rant

Estonia has become the third country to declare Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin persona non grata, after his incendiary comments on gay people and Ebola victims caused international outrage.

Russian Actor Slammed on Twitter for Firing Weapon in Ukraine (Video)

A Russian actor wearing a helmet marked "Press" has been caught on video firing a machine gun from a battle site in Donetsk, in a stunt that provoked outrage on Russian and Ukrainian social networks.

Fire Sweeps Through Kiev's Oldest Movie Theater During LGBT Movie

A fire has swept through the oldest movie theater in Ukraine's capital Kiev during the showing of an LGBT movie, ravaging the building in what witnesses described as a likely arson attack.

Lavrov: Russia to Recognize Results of Ukrainian Separatists' Elections

Russia will recognize the results of the upcoming separatist elections in eastern Ukraine, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said.

Russian Intellectuals Ask State-Run TV to Admit Falsehoods in Ukraine Reports

A congress of Russian intellectuals has appealed to the head of state-run Channel One television to acknowledge "falsifications" in its reporting on Ukraine.

New Russian Law Grants Pensions to Missing Soldiers' Families

President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill on paying military pensions to the families of soldiers who have gone missing in action, and a high-ranking lawmaker told Russian media that the legislature is seeking to extend the benefits to "volunteers" in eastern Ukraine.
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