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. Last Updated: 01/24/2015
Articles by Anna Dolgov

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"No Money? Eat Less!" United Russia Lawmaker Advises

A lawmaker from the ruling United Russia party has offered his advice to Russians struggling to pay for food amid the country's soaring inflation: "Eat less."

St. Petersburg Deputy Governor Didn't Bring Real Gun Into Work, Aide Says

A photo showing the deputy governor of St. Petersburg with a handgun clipped to his belt at a local government meeting has prompted assurances from his aide that the politician is a "law abiding man."

Russian Lawmakers Zero In on Foreign Undesirables

Russia's parliament has given preliminary approval to a bill that would prohibit the activities of so-called "undesirable" foreign companies and organizations in Russia, should they be deemed to pose a threat to the state.

Russian Officials Riled by Obama's State of the Union Address

U.S. President Barack Obama's claim that Western sanctions have isolated Russia and left its economy “in tatters” at his annual State of the Union address on Tuesday has ruffled feathers among Russia's political elite.

Opposition Activist Faces 5 Years in Prison Under New Protest Law

An opposition activist faces up to five years in prison for attending an unsanctioned rally, making him one of the first to feel the impact of controversial new amendments to punish those who repeatedly violate Russia's protest laws.

Russian Bill to Ban 'Undesirable' Foreign Companies Passes 1st Reading

Russia's parliament has given preliminary approval to a bill that would prohibit the activities of "undesirable" foreign companies and organizations in Russia, should they be deemed to present a threat to the state.

Study Shows Russian Wildlife Declined Following Soviet Collapse

The turbulent years after the Soviet collapse that brought suffering to many Russians also dealt a blow to the nation's wildlife, many of whose species declined in numbers during that period, a recent study indicates.

Russian Activists Ask Putin to Send Troops Into Armenia

Online activists have leapt to the defense of a Russian soldier who reportedly killed six people in Armenia, calling on Putin to "send in the troops" to protect Russian-speakers in the Transcaucasian country.

Moscow Police Detain 13 Protesters at Rally in Support of Navalny

Police have detained more than a dozen demonstrators who gathered in central Moscow to protest the recent sentencing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his brother,

Russian Culture Ministry Moves to Ban Films That Undermine 'National Unity'

Russian films may be denied a distribution license if they are deemed to undermine the country's "national unity," according to new regulations that critics have denounced as an attempt to make filmmakers toe the Kremlin line.

Authorities Investigate 'Professional' Attack on Russian Journalist

Prosecutors in central Russia have opened an investigation into the beating of a journalist in what constitutes the second attack against a publication known for its reporting on corruption cases.

Culture Minister Wants 'Patriotic Internet' to Protect Russians

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky has called for the creation of a "patriotic Internet" to combat Western ideas, adding that those who are against Russia are against the truth.

Lesbian Teacher Fired After Russian Anti-Gay Activist Complains to School

A music teacher at a St. Petersburg school for disabled children has turned to a court after she was fired for "amoral action" after an anti-gay activist outed her as a lesbian, an LGBT rights group said in a statement.

NGO Criticizes Russian Presence at Charlie Hebdo March in Paris

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders has condemned Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other "predators of press freedom" who attended a march in Paris to commemorate the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Kazakh Health Ministry Probes Strange Illness That Causes Days-Long Slumber

Kazakhstan's Health Ministry has pinpointed a possible cause of the mysterious "sleeping illness" that has gripped a small village, causing sufferers to fall asleep for no apparent reason.

Bizarre 'Sleeping Illness' Descends on Village in Kazakhstan

A Russian woman has fallen the latest victim of a mysterious "sleeping illness" that has gripped a small village in Kazakhstan, causing its sufferers to fall asleep for no apparent reason and stay so for days at a time.

Russian Orthodox Activists Say Charlie Hebdo Shooting Was 'Just Punishment'

Russian Orthodox activists rallied outside the French Embassy in Moscow with signs blaming this week's massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo on the newspaper's own practice of lampooning religions.

New Russian Regulation Says Transvestite People Unfit to Drive

Transgender people may no longer be allowed to drive cars in Russia under new road safety regulations signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Russia's Muslim Leaders Condemn 'Sin of Provocation' After Charlie Hebdo Attack

Russia's Muslim leaders have condemned the terror attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo but appeared to spread the blame by suggesting the publication was guilty of the "sin of provocation."

U.S. Bashing Takes Center Stage at Holiday Show for Russian Kids

Russian holiday shows typically revolve around fantasy characters, but this year some children have been treated to new themes: sanctions, Russia's nuclear arsenal and the "stupidity" of the United States.

Russian Woman Says Charged With 'Inciting Ethnic Hatred' for Posts on Ukraine Crisis

Russia's Investigative Committee has brought charges of inciting ethnic hatred against a woman who posted links to Ukrainian documentaries and television shows about the country's current crisis on her social network pages.

Why Do They Do It? A Glimpse Into the Russian Lawmaker Psyche

If the State Duma's legislative initiatives occasionally cause bewilderment or outright laughter, lawmakers insist that they are in on the joke — with some adding that Russia's parliament is not a place to make laws anyway.

What to Expect From 2015, The Year of The Goat

After a tumultuous 2014, many Russians who light-heartedly turn to the Chinese astrological calendar during their New Year's celebrations may welcome the symbol of the coming year — a timid, amiable sheep.

Prominent Russians Say Duped Into Speaking in Anti-Navalny Video

Two prominent Russian cultural figures have taken to airwaves in anger after video footage they recorded in support of opposition activist Alexei Navalny was edited to promote a website calling for his imprisonment.

Russian Center Honoring Victims of Soviet Regime Branded 'Foreign Agent'

Russia's Justice Ministry has slapped the menacing "foreign agent" label on the Andrei Sakharov Center, a group dedicated to defending human rights and preserving the legacy of victims of Soviet repressions.

Beyond Brighton Beach: The Russian Communities of New York City

New York City has several areas populated predominantly by Russian speakers, and while Brighton Beach in Brooklyn might have gained the most renown, others carry their own distinct vibe and claims to fame.

Lithuanian President Refuses to Attend Russia's Celebration of WWII Victory

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has turned down Moscow's invitation to visit Russia for a May ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Activists Say More Homes Destroyed in Chechnya

At least two more homes belonging to the relatives of suspected militants in Chechnya have been razed after Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced the "extrajudicial settling of scores," according to a report by human rights group Memorial.

Belarussian Orthodox Church Wants More Autonomy From Moscow Patriarchate

The Orthodox Church in Belarus has announced plans to seek greater autonomy from Moscow, as the Belarussian government this week expressed suspicion of Russia's political actions and concern over its currency.

Beaten Chief Editor of Independent Siberian News Site Identifies Attacker

The chief editor of an independent news portal in Siberia has identified one of the men suspected of beating him at his office earlier this month, in an attack that journalists linked to his critical coverage.
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