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A common search query is one or more words, for example:
contact information
This query will find pages containing both query words.

Logical operators allow building more complex queries, for example:
contact information or phone
This query will find pages containing either words "contact" and "information" or "phone".

contact information not phone
This query will find pages containing words "contact" and "information" but not "phone".
You can use brackets to build more complex queries.

Logical operators:

Operator Synonyms Description
andand, &, + Operator logical and is implied and can be omitted: a query "contact information" is fully equivalent to "contact and information".
oror, | Operator logical or allows searching for entities containing at least one of the operands.
notnot, ~ Operator logical not restricts searches to pages not containing the operand.
( )   Round brackets define the logical operator precedence.
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