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Russians Split on Whether to Blame Oil, Sanctions or Crimea for Economic Woe

Russians are divided onwhether toblame price ris

Russia Plans Massive Productivity and Wage Hike for Space Industry Workforce

Totackle thelow productivity stifling Russia's

Kalashnikov Sells Civilian Arms in Asia to Nullify U.S. Sanctions

Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov has signe

Sanctioned Russian Companies Struggle to Tap Into Asian Markets

Sanctioned Russian companies hoping totap Asian b

Russia Looks to Revive Nuclear Missile Trains to Counter U.S. Attack Capability

Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces are consideri


A Spiteful Thanksgiving

By Michele A. Berdy Decades ago inthe really tough years wh

Putin Will Regret Interfering in the Donbass

By Stephen Holmes Global temperatures are rising, but the

Real Estate

Moscow's Stoleshnikov Among World's Top 10 Most Expensive Streets

For the first time in a decade a street in Russia has made it to the top 10 list of most expensive shopping avenues in the world, a report released last week revealed.

No More Golden Toilets: Rich Russians' Taste in Real Estate Is Changing

Golden toilets and monumental hallways no longer top the must-have list for a luxury apartment in Russia as demand shifts to functionality rather than flamboyance, research published Monday revealed.

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GOLTSBLAT BLP, TheRussian Practice OfBLP, Announces Joining OfTwo Partners Vl

Business For Business

Employment: HR Market Preliminary Results, 2014

Despite the normal trend to keep current jobs in the crisis period, the number of employees willing to change employers has increased.

Recent Country Reports

Russia - Germany 2014

Its a challenging time for German and Russian businesses, especially smaller and mid-sized companies. Some had recently localized production in Russia, making long-term commitments to the country. Large investment funds had been looking for prospects in the real estate market. Now some of these investors have put their plans on hold.

Russia - Austria 2014

The Austrian season of culture, which took place in Russia in 2013 and 2014, gave artists from both countries an unprecedented opportunity for creative exchange and joint projects. The cooperation of institutes and artists from all areas of culture expanded far beyond the framework of particular events.

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Hotels November 2014

If you are like most travelers, probably the only time you stayed at an airport hotel was when a flight was delayed or cancelled and the hotel was the sad end of a miserable day. First you and several thousand other stranded souls milled about the airport, hoping for good news.

Pharmaceutical Business & Health Care 2014

A darling of foreign investors, the automobile industry is withering amid the general economic slowdown, but another star, pharmaceuticals, is on the horizon. The value of medicines produced last year increased 13 per cent, compared to the previous year, according to Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov.

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