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A New, Senseless Cold War Is Now Inevitable

By Vasily Kashin Turning points inhistory are rarely recognized as

Russia Can't Ignore Federalism Forever

By Fyodor Krasheninnikov Therecent torrent ofperverse Kremlin propaganda

Real Estate

Building Begins on Moscow's Vast New Ring Road

Construction of a vast new 530-kilometer ring road encircling Moscow has begun.

Russia's Houses of Parliament Set for Long-Awaited Move

In a move aimed at easing central Moscow's nightmarish traffic congestion, Russia's two houses of parliament will be relocated to a new hub slated to be built in northwest Moscow, news agency RIA Novosti quoted a spokeswoman for the lower house's speaker, Sergei Naryshkin, as saying.

Career Center

New Law Curtails Widespread Temp Staffing

Major foreign and domestic companies across economic sectors could be hit hard by a new law that will restrict the use of temporary staffing agencies in Russia.

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GOLTSBLAT BLP, TheRussian Practice OfBLP, Announces Joining OfTwo Partners Vl

Business For Business

B2B: Diversity as a Vital Tool for Innovation

For many years, Diversity has been related to gender balance. At Philip Morris International (PMI), Diversity goes far beyond that, since it covers the wider concept of people from different professional backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, generations, and religions.

Recent Country Reports

Russia - France 2014

Welcome to Russia-France business supplement, published by The Moscow Times in collaboration with the French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CIFR). This publication is devoted to strengthening bilateral relations between Russia and France and demonstrates the significant potential of French-Russian strategic partnership.

Russia - USA 2013

Russia and the U.S. have one of the fastest-growing business relationships. The Moscow Times first special report on Russian-US trade, in association with the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, gives an insight into key issues affecting trade: Building relations with government, localizing your production and distribution, and complying with anti-corruption laws. It also takes a look at branding, the advertising market and the small but growing feature of Russian investment in the U.S.

Moscow Times Guides

Hotels May 2014

Russias hotel and hospitality business is booming with uniquely designed hostelries, updated Soviet chic, more spaces to congregate and celebrate, and summer menus to welcome the warm weather.

Moscow Guide Summer 2014

Ten years ago you seemed to wait forever for a seat in the sun.
At the first hint of spring the English, umbrella under arm, grasp a picnic basket, or root under a raincoat to light a barbecue. In Russia, I was told, you had to be sure the snow would not return. If you were cautious, like business people, that meant waiting... through May... and into June, before you were sure the weather wouldn't freeze your battens and or whip your canvas awnings.

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