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Why Russia Has Its Eyes On Ukraine's Coal Basin

By Joe Parson With increased tensions ineastern Ukraine, home o

Putin's Dilemma After Crimea

By Kevin Ryan Russia is playing therole ofthe U.S. as it baske

Real Estate

Finance Ministry Proposes Tax Hikes to Push Investors Out of Real Estate

In an attempt to hike government earnings and push capital into the shaky Russian stock market, the Finance Ministry has proposed amendments aimed at taxing investors who have safeguarded their savings in residential real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Market Freezes Over Ukraine

Foreign real estate investors have put even their most advanced deals on ice in fear of further sanctions over Ukraine, potentially opening the market to domestic investors as they funnel capital back home for precisely the same reason.

Career Center

Russian Employees Need Career Guarantees and Positive Environment

Russian employees are more eager to stay in a company if it offers career growth prospects and positive working environment, a report published by Ernst and Young said.

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GOLTSBLAT BLP, TheRussian Practice OfBLP, Announces Joining OfTwo Partners Vl

Business For Business

B2B: Time to Invest in the 'World's First Fuel?'

Energy efficiency is a straightforward concept to grasp: using less energy to achieve the same result saves energy and money. Across the economy as a whole it can also reduce prices, enhance economic growth and competitiveness, increase the availability of energy, and cut carbon emissions.

Recent Country Reports

Russia - USA 2013

Russia and the U.S. have one of the fastest-growing business relationships. The Moscow Times first special report on Russian-US trade, in association with the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, gives an insight into key issues affecting trade: Building relations with government, localizing your production and distribution, and complying with anti-corruption laws. It also takes a look at branding, the advertising market and the small but growing feature of Russian investment in the U.S.

Russia - Germany 2013

Welcome to the second edition of the Russia-Germany special country supplement, published by the Moscow Times. Each year this publication is a chance to examine the close ties between Russia and Germany and to remember that, despite the complicated history of their bilateral relations, today the countries are vital trading partners and important allies on the international stage.

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Sochi Travel Guide

Sochi is unlike any other city in Russia. The obvious difference would be that it is warm so warm, in fact, that palm trees grow there, and you can still swim in the sea in September. But stating that Sochi is warm only scratches the surface of what this city has to offer.

Lifestyle Guide 2014

The new issue of the Lifestyle Guide presents the best places in Moscow ― fine dining, bars, nightclubs, luxe spa salons, beauty centers and premium-class hotels.

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