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3 Rising Russian Innovations in Robotics and Biomedicine

Although information technology was once thedarli

Russia Says National Governments Should Control the Internet

Russia has called forinternational regulations ce

Russians Pull $5 Billion Out of Banks as Ruble Plummets

Russians pulled 52.6 billion rubles ($1.3 billion)

Russia Slaps Ukraine With Fruit and Vegetable Import Ban

Russia will impose a temporary ban on fruit and ve

Killed Total CEO Spoke Out on Russia, Putin and Sanctions

Christophe de Margerie, theCEO ofFrench oil majo


CEO's Death No Conspiracy, But No Accident

Christophe de Margerie, CEO ofFrench oi

Paranoid Russia Now Sees Enemies Everywhere

By Vladimir Ryzhkov When senior Soviet officials wanted tos

Real Estate

Demand for Warehouse Space in Moscow Nosedives

Demand for warehouse space is plummeting in Moscow amid widespread economic uncertainty, threatening the next few years of development in a traditionally stable sector.

Sanctions Haven't Killed Russians' Love for London

Britain has been one of the most aggressive lobbyists for sanctions against Moscow over its actions in Ukraine. But as that crisis has unwound into tit-for-tat trade barriers between Russia and the West, what has happened to London's position as the capital of Russian money abroad?

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Dual Passports: Implications for Businesspeople in Russia

The State Duma this summer adopted a bill on penalties for concealing dual citizenship. Although the legislation does not appear to affect the legality of a Russian citizen holding a second passport, it does create a gray area.

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GOLTSBLAT BLP, TheRussian Practice OfBLP, Announces Joining OfTwo Partners Vl

Business For Business

B2B: Top Trends in HR Regulation

There has certainly been no revolution in HR regulation, but some of the changes are significant and they are mostly positive for business.

Recent Country Reports

Russia - Germany 2014

Its a challenging time for German and Russian businesses, especially smaller and mid-sized companies. Some had recently localized production in Russia, making long-term commitments to the country. Large investment funds had been looking for prospects in the real estate market. Now some of these investors have put their plans on hold.

Russia - Austria 2014

The Austrian season of culture, which took place in Russia in 2013 and 2014, gave artists from both countries an unprecedented opportunity for creative exchange and joint projects. The cooperation of institutes and artists from all areas of culture expanded far beyond the framework of particular events.

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Pharmaceutical Business & Health Care 2014

A darling of foreign investors, the automobile industry is withering amid the general economic slowdown, but another star, pharmaceuticals, is on the horizon. The value of medicines produced last year increased 13 per cent, compared to the previous year, according to Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov.

Hotels May 2014

Russias hotel and hospitality business is booming with uniquely designed hostelries, updated Soviet chic, more spaces to congregate and celebrate, and summer menus to welcome the warm weather.

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