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Sibirsky Gastronom No. 1

Sibirsky Gastronom No. 1

For your honey, pelmeni and dried fish needs

Offering all the accoutrements you need to fulfil your Russian cooking fantasies, Sibirsky Gastronom sources its produce directly from Siberia. Fragrant teas, traditional pelmeni and of course, a great selection of honey and caviar might tempt even a sceptic of Slavic cuisine. A long counter displays a large variety of dried, salted and "wilted" fish including sturgeon, eel and trout. A warning — don't look in the meat freezer if you're an animal lover. Rabbits and a whole lot of veal and boar will stare back at you.
Tishinka shopping center
1 Tishinskaya Ploshchad. Metro Belorusskaya

Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory

Healthy food in a mall

Located on the first two floors of the business center next to the Metropolis mall, Hunky Dory is full of Buddhist and "feel-good" paraphernalia. It promises healthy food and lives up to its name. To feel "all hunky dory," start with chicken meatball soup (222 rubles) and something from the salad bar — with exceptional variety for Moscow — and a shrimp taco, which is more like a large wrap (444 rubles). Hunky Dory also serves a curious drink made of carob tree powder for 139 rubles and a teapot of masala for 249 rubles.

+7 (499) 499 3992
16A/2 Shosse Leningradskoye. Metro Voykovskaya


Hip cafe with shaurma on Kamergersky

The first foray into the fast food territory by the restaurant empire Chaikhona No.1, Shaurmen has distinct, in-your-face design with meat grinders and canned foods. Everything is served in disposable dinnerware even if you sit down at a table. The portions are small, but the food is great and reasonably priced. Chicken shaurma is 258 rubles, while plov (pilaf rice with meat) is 289 rubles, and cheburek (Central Asian version of samsa) is just 129 rubles. There are also salads, including khorovats with grilled vegetables (159 rubles), humus (109 rubles) and soups (from 139 rubles).

+7 (985) 927-64-64
4/1 Pereulok Kamergersky. Metro Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya

Professor Poof

Yulia Yegorushkina / VK

Fast food with old school Russian flavor on Volkhonka

Professor Poof occupies the space where cafe Tschisliva, which specialized in traditional Russian cuisine, used to be. Professor Poof prefers a more contemporary, street-food take on Russian cooking. The Russian noodle soup (lapsha) turns into something reminiscent of ramen soup with buckwheat noodles, bits of egg and duck (249 rubles). Sandwiches are subdivided into two categories, both delicious. Bukhanets (small bread loaf) is the small pita-like version (from 189 rubles) while lomot (slice of bread) is a more substantial fare reminiscent of bruschetta (from 249 rubles). Try chifir, a cold drink of strong black tea mixed with lemon juice.

+7 (915) 432 5264
9/1 Ulitsa Volkonka. Metro Kropotkinskaya

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